area 51: tortured truffle with a touch of yellow

i’ve mentioned before that i’m a big fan of supporting colette patterns.  i think i also mentioned that in spite of all of my admiration for the work that sarai and her team put into their blog, their writing and the pattern design that colette patterns don’t really seem to work for me.

here’s another example.

only this time, i think it is really my fault and not the pattern’s.  i started by ignoring the colette bodice of the “truffle”, one of the patterns featured in the colette sewing handbook, because colette bodices are not drafted for a card-carrying member of the IBTC like me.  i also have a very narrow back and shoulders and consistently have problems regrading colette bodices to fit me.  so i just used my moulage with a bit of wearing ease as a base.  this was a great start, because the colette skirt sloper seems to fit me perfectly.  no idea why, but i go with it because it works.

first strike:  i mis-measured the side seams on my moulage and had some leftover there.  no worries, i just dealt with that when attaching the skirt.  second strike:  i wanted to line the bodice.  not enough lining material.  too late at night.  too little interest.  third strike:  i sewed up both side seams on the skirt by accident before incorporating the extra draped panel that gives the truffle most of its charm.


a few weeks later, undefeated, i returned to the troublesome truffle to re-do that side seam and make more progress.  only my draped panel and facing will.  not. press. flat.  (my fault.  i didn’t understitch the panel and facing.)  i put a zipper in.  the waist seam doesn’t match.  it put it back in.  i go to do a hem…no hem trim that i thought i had been saving for my truffle.

so behold my unfinished truffle in all of its (eventual) glory.  truffle, you will not defeat me!  it seems to be a week of troublesome UFOs in my sewing room.  more on that later.

happy thursday.  🙂

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5 Responses to area 51: tortured truffle with a touch of yellow

  1. cjgal says:

    I think it’s looking cute! I was just eyeing this pattern in my handbook last night, I’ll have to keep up with yours and see how it turns out

  2. My first thought, upon seeing the semi-completed dress, is that it reminds me of a Hufflepuff house dress. Or something. Mostly because of the touch of yellow, which I love!

    • puu says:

      not what i was going for, but i am always down for a harry potter reference. 🙂 someday i will finish knitting my gryffindor team sweater…

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