refashion: vogue 1229 + simplicity 1920 = (almost) sewing awesomesauce

so we started with this:

WIP vogue 1229 from christmas weekend sweatshop

i think we can all agree on “meh” as the operative term here.  and it didn’t fit.  or look flattering.  i soon began scheming.

the spring 2012 issue of sew stylish featured an intriguing redesign (by our own gretchen hirsch of blog fame) of the sewstylish simplicity 1920 pattern to give it a lot of personality and oomph. and i already had a skirt waiting to be put to just such a use.

i’m not saying we’re completely away from “meh” – the neckline, despite careful attention, does seem to have stretched a bit, and i think the skirt wants to be a lot shorter than it is, but i think we can agree there’s a vast improvement and a wearable, fun garment, yes?

the belt is exceptionally poorly tied in this photo. mea culpa!

i ended up not taking enough ease out of the bodice, and that is what will always keep this garment from its deserved status as sewing awesomesauce.  i’m actually thrilled with the sheer tulle yoke and the yellow binding.  i also like the way i ended up constructing it, which was using an elastic waistband to preserve the gathers from the original V1229 skirt and still give me a pull-over dress.

and i love my belt, which is a trusty, much-used TNT from simplicity 2212.  i was able to make the entire thing out of scraps of liberty of lawn “phoebe”, my first liberty purchase splurge, and to this day still one of my favorite prints.

so what do we think?  success or failure?

and let’s not forget that yellow, however not awesome it tends to look on me (you thought i overlooked that, didn’t you?) never fails to be cheerful on a day when your wardrobe is the only thing you have to be cheerful about.  sometimes, a yellow dress is all it takes the to take the day from sobs to smiles.

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4 Responses to refashion: vogue 1229 + simplicity 1920 = (almost) sewing awesomesauce

  1. megthegrand says:

    I say definite success! You are wearing it and you like it, which makes it wonderful, and then add in that the color yellow is MARVELOUS on you, plus your delightful bodice with a lil bit of peekaboo fabulousness, PLUS that belt OMG and you have an ensemble that is rocking!

  2. Dawn says:

    Great redesign. And you’ve inspired me on two counts. One I love that your slowly trying to “finish” UFO’s. And your comments on yellow…I have a fabric ordered from online that had a lot more yellow than I expected–that got shoved to the back of my stash. It may see the light of day sooner because of your spot on comments about the color:)

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