experiments in color with my atelier slave

file this one under crazy ideas.

a few weeks ago, my sister came home to do a medical rotation and spend some time on the home front.  fulfilling my duties as camp counselor, combined with a crazy idea and the glimmer of a plan, i picked up a tie-dye kit for us to play with.

20120831-001805.jpgi put it off for a little while, but the right opportunity for this type of frivolity presented itself to us today and we went for it.  i went first with a “bunching” technique i saw on the tie-dye DVD (no, seriously, i ordered a tie-dye DVD) i popped in as i prepped our work space.  i made a huge mess and it was pretty awesome.  part of my foot is green.

20120831-001836.jpgi’m not sure tie dye was the most ideal activity for little-miss-so-perfect-i-use-a-t-square-when-we-make-black-and-white-cookies.  true story.  but her spiral was pretty awesome and her vertical stripe technique was a thing of beauty.

20120831-001854.jpgbeing of a medical persuasion, she immediately dubbed this one the bowel resection.  i’m thinking we’re going to have to monitor what she is allowed to talk about when other people are round.

tomorrow’s the big reveal, after i let the dye and soda ash cure on the t-shirts overnight.  see you then.  are you stoked?  🙂

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One Response to experiments in color with my atelier slave

  1. cjgal says:

    Sweet! I want to see the finished products!

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