day two of making a mess


exhausted from day one, but still clutching our tie-dye DVDs…that about sums up our weekend.

we were so encouraged by yesterday’s experiments that we trudged ahead today with some more advanced techniques.  my sister remained convinced that her spirals and “bowel resection” were muddy, so went for a simple color scheme and even more spirals.


triple spiral action


i think we can all agree the results were pretty awesome.


to go along with the tie-dye kit, i purchased an extra copy of my beloved alabama studio sewing + design.  we have already planned a mini-wardrobe for her out of the tie dye fabric we have created.  the triple spiral will feature as a fitted tunic.  the single spiral will be a short skirt.  the “bowel resection” will likely end up as a bolero and as trim for a clean, white tank top.  my sister is a champion handsewer (since she has to do it on people, she’d better be good at it) and this will be something she can really sink her teeth in to.


this is one of those things where you say to someone, wear gloves while you do this. just ask me how i know.

i was going for even loftier goals, i’m afraid.  i really wanted to riff on something my mom and i bought for the house, a painting by peter max.  this may or may not end up factoring into my larger noodle to design a mini-collection for myself inspired by my mom and our house.


front of t-shirt


back of t-shirt

is it too literal?  not obvious enough?  i’m still on my endless replay of project runway seasons past and all i can hear in my head is “it’s too literal!”

but i love the fabric.  the colors are stunning and sing of life and cheeriness.

i’m also experimenting with screenprinting.  on the back of my painting, peter drew us a picture.  since my mom was too unwell to join me for the gallery party, he drew an extra element just for her.

did you spot it?

i’d like to incorporate the sketch, as a screen print, on at least one of my dyed pieces of fabric.  fortunately i have plenty to choose from so far!  i am restocking my dye kit tomorrow at my local art supply store.  because woodstock is home to an actual artists’ colony, the art supply store has a pretty comprehensive stock of all kinds of things, including dyes and other textile design necessities.

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