style in the wild: mccall 6171, roma edition



mccall 6171 in action

original construction posts
previously styled with…

so we spent half my sister’s inheritance at the rome location of etro.  seriously, i am pretty sure there has been an economic stoppage in rome this week because we have returned to native soil.

but don’t think i left empty-handed (i didn’t) or without ideas (i didn’t).

behold this beauty from etro….

for which picture i was nearly evicted from the store in spite of my sister’s efforts at economic stimulus for the EU.  i was in deep, passionate LOOOOOOOVE.  and then i felt the leather.  it was a little…meh.  and it was a lot…of moolah.  and i found myself returning to my original hypothesis of why we sew.  spend 1750 (euro, so about $2000) on a jacket?  or make one — in any color i want — for less than 1/4 of that price?  i can even get etro fabric at mood!

i will be bringing this photo to my sit-n-sew this weekend and begging the incomparable kenneth king to help me draft this pattern.  also on this weekend’s agenda:

  • trouser moulage
  • pattern magic pattern-drafting
  • fitting vogue 1207 for a piece of gorgeous panel versace (from mood)

  • inspiration for pieces of pucci and valentino (from mood – hey, i did a lot of retail therapy this summer.  might as well own it!)
  • muslin-ing my next two chanel jackets

if experience serves, it will be an exhausting and inspiring weekend.  i’m also packing a few easy projects so i can force myself in the evenings to chill out and take a break.  i’ve been so overwhelmed by my UFO pile that i had to fold all the leftover summer projects and put them away for a while…but i want to work on some of the leftover fall projects, at least, with a clean conscience…

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7 Responses to style in the wild: mccall 6171, roma edition

  1. Clio says:

    OOoooh, yes you should make yourself a knock off of the Etro jacket. That is EXACTLY why we sew!!!

  2. I have V1207 but haven’t attempted it cos I’m not ready for georgette or charmeuse! I haven’t been able to find many blogpposts for this pattern so look forward to seeing your posts on it 🙂

    • puu says:

      i’m going to try my best. i don’t love the way the pattern is drafted–my first attempt at pattern alterations was a complete bust. i will let you know what the experts think!

  3. gingermakes says:

    Whoa! You would look RAD in that jacket– make it!!!

  4. That jacket would be FANTASTIC on you! I say make it!

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