sit-n-sew and stormasaurus


traffic outside the delaware welcome center

look, i’m sorry, but WTF, delaware?  i wasn’t bothering anyone.  it was 10pm on a wednesday night.  and this is how you greet me as i make my way southward for my favorite weekend of the year?

it was an inauspicious start on a weekend when i was already having difficulty concentrating.  keeping up with my recent inability to focus long enough to get any sewing done, i stuck with pattern work.  kenneth helped me draft the etro jacket.  he made a sketch for me in my notebook as i took copious notes and tried to follow the directions.  kenneth suggested that i work it out in half scale as i attempted to match his diagram.


italian red leather gorgeousness

i’m sure this is no-brainer for a lot of folks, but working in half-scale before redrafting in full-scale was a revelation in terms of my pattern making.  it was so much easier to keep tracing and experimenting with a half-scale bodice, and then totally understand what i was doing when i went to the full scale.  i was able to recreate kenneth’s sketch almost entirely on my own – a major score, i’d say.  even kenneth was pleased!


mini-scale and full-scale

my next concern was keeping the vibe going with some pattern magic.  i brought volumes 1 and 2 and chose four or five patterns that i particularly liked.  i had (honestly) hoped that kenneth would draft them for me while i watched, but – drat the man – he again made a few sketches and left me to my own devices.


pattern magic bamboo leaf bodice

i was, however, able to make mini-patterns of all my bookmarked pattern magic designs, so i guess kenneth had the right idea in the end…

speaking of the end, my weekend ended early.

can i introduce you to stormasaurus sandy?  i hope that wherever you are, it is either far away from the storm or that you emerged unscathed.  frankly, i feel lucky that all i’m going through is an extended blackout (i am south of 34th st) and traffic checkpoints (i work on the jersey side of the lincoln tunnel).

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