a weekend tale of three sewing machines


the original kennie, with the purple knobs, and her older, wiser, more mature and stable friend, whom i have dubbed “mel” because she was my mom’s for almost thirty years.

friends, this past weekend i did something completely extraordinary.  and i live in new york, so that is saying something.

i stayed home.  for the first time in six months.  and i went shopping (at mood).  and walking (in SoHo).  and i cooked (turkey pot pie), and slept in (saturday law & order reruns!!), and i read two books, and i sewed.  i didn’t drive anywhere, construct anything, work in a garden, worry about a fireplace, chase after the mouse that lives under the stove, take care of an ailing relative, make a mess with my sister in the name of “camp,” have a timeline, or a deadline, or a schedule.


i did what i have been longing to do since september, and i lost myself in the natural rhythms of an unstructured weekend.  most importantly – or not, but this is about sewing so let’s call it the most important – i sewed.  a lot.  i set up three of my sewing machines and cranked through two UFOs and a project that had been on my drawing board for almost a year.  because i have been so lackadaisical that having to change thread colors would have impeded my momentum.


yes, i am that lazy.

i started on friday night, going back to my former tradition of a “friday night sew-in,” which i completely stole from the quilting blog “handmade by heidi.”  it’s a tradition that, between my family obligations and the house of my dreams, had fallen by the wayside in the past year.  but things have been challenging as the fall has marched relentlessly toward winter, and i missed it terribly.

true, on friday night all i did was two side seams (and watch my favorite christmas movie EVAH, die hard).  but they were two side seams that were literally the only thing standing between me and a finished simplicity 2145 that i am pretty sure i first cut during the 4th of july holiday.  that’s a pretty long time to leave the pieces hanging, no?


now if only i could find the energy to hem it…

saturday i ventured up to mood on a quick whim, as i was up and about just before 10am.  i have a strict weekend policy of no mood after 10.30 am, unless i am already there, but i snuck in about 10.15 and did some browsing.  the only thing i left with was some great sheer black cotton voile, which after a laundry cycle had gathered its own momentum, and by sunday afternoon i had this:


more on this in a FO post, but i’m pretty happy with it, snuck another UFO in under the wire (the slip from vogue 1160), and it gave me a chance to pull a photo down from the inspiration wall.  what can i say?  our office holiday party is on friday and mama needed a new dress.

we’ll call sunday night “recovery time.”  i think this about captures it.


the end.

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7 Responses to a weekend tale of three sewing machines

  1. Clio says:

    Awesome weekend! And the fact that you manage to FIT 3 sewing machines in 1 NYC apartment is no small feat either!

  2. Oh wow. I mean wow. I want one of them weekends please. I agree you have indeed found your mojo :o)

    • puu says:

      it was a combo of forcing it to come home but also being open to whatever took my fancy. 🙂 i think we all need a weekend like that occasionally, and i tend to do my best work this time of year…

  3. oonaballoona says:

    perfect weekend. my machines have been lonely for ten days now. i want one of those!

  4. megthegrand says:

    What a marvelous and productive weekend! I love all of your finished items – the colors are pretty magnificent. I definitely think you earned a bit of relaxation time on Sunday with the kitty 🙂

  5. Sometimes you just need an unscheduled weekend…and obviously yours was just what you needed. Look at that gorgeous dress that came out of it!

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