style in the wild: marfy with an edge

20121211-091222.jpgi’ve recently found that a lot of my best work needs a bit of an incubation period before i truly understand its value.  weird, right?  maybe i get so caught up in the construction and the adrenaline rush of having finished the damn thing that it takes me a while to really work it properly in to my wardrobe and lifestyle.

this vest is one of those pieces.  originally created last year in a frenzied rush of construction pre-vacation, i loved it from its inception but never really understood it – how to wear it, how to style it, how to accessorize it and make it feel comfortable on my body.  in some ways, i think my recent mini-hiatus from sewing has forced me to better appreciate what i already have; it’s definitely forced me to reevaluate some of my clothing choices.


but who cares.  i’m in love now.  this could be a winter staple.

vest:  marfy 2276 in “double c couture wool” from gorgeous fabrics
blouse:  joie faux-chantilly lace overblouse
skirt:  floor-length elizabeth & james

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2 Responses to style in the wild: marfy with an edge

  1. Clio says:

    You’re absolutely right, IMHO! What I think will be a staple when sewn sometimes isn’t 6 mos later. And what does become a staple sometimes is surprising, too. Sometimes you just need to live with a garment for a while.

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