first impression: papercut patterns


image of “pleated pants” from papercut patterns website

in case you were not already aware of papercut patterns, allow me to share a few initial impressions with you.

i first came across the NZ-based company earlier in the summer when i saw a pattern called the watson jacket. it’s amazing. observe:

image of “watson jacket” from papercut patterns

then, like all cool things that pass by too quickly, it slipped from my mind until ginger of ginger makes posted about a free shipping sale. i don’t know about you, but for me it became a lot easier to click “buy” on a new pattern knowing i wasn’t going to have to worry about shipping costs from NZ to the USA…


last night my patterns arrived (in less than two weeks!) and i was so excited about them i had to share my first thoughts straightaway. i think my immediate reaction was sheer delight at the cleverness on the packaging. i wonder if any of us could resist my first exclamation upon opening the patterns, which was: “OMG i wish that i could store all of my patterns this way.

as i dove deeper in to my packaging, my initial “squee” of enjoyment turned into respect. i love that papercut patterns, like all of the great new indies, has really made its patterns about design AND about a statement of their priorities and values. you can see from the packages the choices papercut made about where they thought their money would be best spent: on pattern design (obviously), on useful, re-usable packaging, and on sustainability. the pattern is printed on recycled paper and there is not a separate instruction booklet, although the instructions are printed such that if you want a booklet, you can cut and paste your own. it’s innovative and different and i completely respect that. might it be difficult, on occasion, to use the brown recycled paper patterns? perhaps. but i still think it’s a bold statement to make the use of recycled paper part of the pattern aesthetic.


it really drove home for me why i love to support our indies, even on patterns that i could probably draft myself. it’s important for me, whether it’s sewaholic, or colette, or cake, or papercut, to vote with my dollars to support the great work these women are doing. and i love that they all come from the same love (sewing) and use the patterns to showcase their designs and priorities. for example, when i think of sewaholic, i think about the accessibility and adaptability of her simple, beautiful designs. when i think of colette, i really think those designs are about modern elegance with a vintage inspiration. (even if her sloper doesn’t fit me.) when i think about cake, i love that the tiramisu takes a classic vintage shape and aims to make it more wearable and accessible by going for multiple bust sizes and is designed for knits.

i guess what i am saying is:  these women are our people.  i’m really happy to support them.  no, the patterns aren’t cheap, but on the other hand, i see every day the work these women are putting in to their businesses, and i think it’s pretty awesome.

image of “coppelia” cardy from papercut patterns

more when i start sewing up my patterns.  i’m probably going to start with the josephine T and the copelia wrap cardy, because i’m feeling a knit phase coming on, and because i realized i have nothing comfortable, casual and stylish to wear on the weekends.

P.S:  on the better late than never front, the papercut free shipping sale doesn’t end until december 16.

ETA:  after writing this post i started googling papercut to see what other bloggers’ experiences had been with them, and i found what i am pretty sure is the original post at tilly and the buttons that first made me discover the watson.  it looks like we had exactly the same reaction to the packaging!  also, tilly features an interview with papercut designer katie.

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5 Responses to first impression: papercut patterns

  1. gingermakes says:

    Yes! I love how you put it– these women ARE our people! Supporting indie designers is a small step towards reclaiming fashion from chain stores, but I know that doing so makes a huge difference to these designers and adds a lot more fun to my wardrobe!

    I really want to see your Watson jacket! It’s such a killer pattern!

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  3. PEPPERMIA.x says:

    OMG I am in NZ and I have never heard of these patterns until today when I picked up the Watson Jacket for $5 in a thrift store uncut and beautiful…… I just did a search and found you! I really like your style and your blog!! Thanks for doing a post about these gorge patterns. Happy sewing!!!!

    ❤ Peppermia

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