flirty forties ensemble: updated (simplicity 1927)


although i’m still pretty embarassed by my sloppy skirt construction, i’m also still a pretty huge fan of my version of simplicity 1927, tackled earlier this summer.

since then, however, i’d had a vision of using a tiny pucci splurge (a mere 1/2-yard from mood fabrics) to eke out the little blouse bodice so that i could have a fun, simple and elegant way to wear this skirt.  i love my t-shirt style bodice, but some days it does feel a little bit casual.  the pucci is a lot of print, meanwhile, and a simple little bodice seemed a great way to honor that print and not complicated it.

20121212-093736.jpgworking off my moulage and the bodice pattern for S1927, i transferred the side bodice dart up to the neckline to get that beautiful wide neck and still understand how i wanted my side seams to look.  ultimately, it might have been nice to have it even more form-fitting, but then i am pretty sure i would not have been able to get it on or off.

for a tiny top, this garment demanded a lot of finishing.  the pucci silk shredded horribly and necessitated french seams, which–fine.  whatever.  it’s a little extra work but usually worth it in the end.  then i languished for a while over pinning, marking and finishing the left side seam, because i couldn’t quite commit to where the cut-on sleeve needed to end and the side seam needed to begin, and never mind the zipper insertion.

then i dallied over the neckline, sleeve and hem finishing, because i knew i needed some really nice silk bias tape – which i also found at mood in a luscious purple – and then once i had that i just wasn’t in the mood for several months.  fortunately, about two hours’ work, scattered over an afternoon in 10-minute intervals, with the pins, iron and machine got me a nice finished bias neckline.  i definitely referenced lynda maynard’s “dressmaker’s handbook of couture sewing techniques,” mostly because her photographs of the technique are incredibly helpful and pushed me toward actually, you know, attaching the neckline.

20121212-093745.jpgi’m a big fan of the final bodice, for sure, but now am even more uncomfortable with the crappy finish on the waistband of that skirt.  i couldn’t take my sweater off all day – even if it had been warm enough in my office – because the waistband was too high-maintenance.  one of these days, i swear, i will give it the extra row of stitching it needs to behave.

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3 Responses to flirty forties ensemble: updated (simplicity 1927)

  1. gingermakes says:

    Love this top! I think you made the right decision by going with a simple silhouette with this bright fabric. The neckline is really pretty, too!

  2. Seconded, on the bright fabric/silhouette choice! And I’m also a huge fan of the Lynda Maynard book! I got to meet her over the summer and see some of the sample garments from the book, and boy are they gorgeous.

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