a new friend for the end of the world


hello, friend

thus far today, the world hasn’t ended.  but i couldn’t help myself and got some extra company.  i scored this gorgeous, beautifully-working white singer featherweight earlier this week on ebay from a woman who seemed not only to know what it was, but who took care of it, knew that it worked, and let me have it for what i considered a very reasonable price.

it was my “congratulations for surviving the year” gift to myself.  this new one and i are going to get to know each other better over the holidays, i expect.  i’ve been sewing like mad, shrinking my pile of UFOs in the hopes of going in to the new year with a clean slate.  (and a lot of new papercut patterns–before the sale ended i ordered three more, for a total of six)

happy holiday weekend, everyone.  may the food be plentiful, the sleep restful, the families not too annoying and, if you are like me and your december holiday is already over, just enjoy the quiet.


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2 Responses to a new friend for the end of the world

  1. Houseofpinheiro says:

    Happy holidays

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