renfrew, missoni style

20130109-123930.jpgthere’s not much to say anymore about how easy a renfrew is to use as a base for just about anything, but here’s another version anyway. this one is in a missoni knit from mood fabrics, which i am glad i played with but will probably not be using again. it’s a little bit more meshy than i prefer, which made it difficult to cut and sew. in spite of judicious use of stay tape and stay-stitching, it does have some stretch in places it shouldn’t, such as along the neckband and hem band, and is tighter than it should be in places where there should be more room. (hello, sleeves. clearly applying stay tape to a sleeve cap, even when it needs it, is a bad idea. next time i should try–what? bias tape? bias organza? cross-grain organza?)


still and all, now that this renfrew – more than six months in the making, because i was so put off by the mesh factor- is in rotation and has met my tailored blazer from The Row, i think we have a match made in heaven. next time, when i am not still suffering from a monster stomach flu (3+ days now), i will pair it with something a little more cheerful. but my butterfly pin is all i could muster yesterday.

in case you are interested, the stripes match going across my body. WOOT. but i do not have photographic evidence of this, so you will have to take my word. 🙂


greetings from my sickbed.

finally, just because i have been waiting 15 years to read this book, let me say:



p.s.  have you checked out Daughter Fish’s new sewing podcast, “Thread Cult”?  if not, you are missing out.  the latest episode features a shopping trip to mood with Daughter Fish and special guest oonaballoona.  laughs (and dares) ensue.  it’s pretty awesome.

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3 Responses to renfrew, missoni style

  1. Clio says:

    See, now there’s the way to frost your cake!
    I probably would have used a knit fusible interfacing on the sleeve cap. This is my favorite –

  2. gingermakes says:

    Ooh, this looks classy AND fun! I sure can’t tell that you had any issues with this!

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