some 2013 thoughts


i’ve really been thinking a lot about 2013. i’m so, so excited to have turned the page on 2012, and i’m looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me. i’m in need of a good year. which begs the question: what can i do for myself to have a good 2013? i took a page from nettie’s book and tried to think less about “resolutions” and more about ongoing goals.

  1. enjoy life daily. this is something that has long been a mantra for me. i’m definitely very “selfish” this way – whether it is always taking a lunch break to read a book or sitting for 5 minutes to watch a sunset, i know that i am taking better care of myself when i’m honest about my own needs.
  2. be realistic. i’ve mentioned before that i need to not be crazy about goal-setting, but to go (creatively speaking) wherever the mood takes me. so i need to also…
  3. be focused. don’t get bogged down in the pile of stuff that isn’t getting done, but focus on what i am trying to accomplish. enjoy what i am trying to accomplish. if working on it isn’t fun, then it isn’t the right project for me. don’t plan so far ahead project-wise that just looking at my inspiration board makes me dizzy.
  4. be inspired. read more. write more. cook more. make more photographs. play more with instagram. take risks.
  5. spend less money. look, i won’t pretend that i am not very comfortable, financially. but i need to spend more wisely and less often. i have a lot of long term goals for my house, and that means buying less fabric, fewer patterns, fewer lunches out, and working with what i have so i can enlarge that garden, and fix up that basement, and plant that orchard, and make that library nook.
  6. learn more things. i really, really want to learn more DIY in terms of housework – some basic repairs, basic toolwork, etc. i’m not talking about re-wiring the house, but knowing how to get my ceiling fan light kit in without an electrician would be really, really nice.


so what are some of my 2013 sewing plans?

  1. try quilting. i’d really like to try a grandmother’s garden quilt. i’d love to go for one with a modern edge, like this one spotted on from the blue chairthe city quilter is down the street from me and offering an english paper piecing class (on hexagons!) in february.  sounds like kismet, no?
  2. more chanel jackets. i think this year needs to be about steady progress on a few big projects, with ongoing work on lots of little ones as the mood strikes. in terms of big projects, i’d like to keep playing with my chanel ideas…
  3. …and in terms of little ideas, i’d like to do a tailored shirt weekend, some drape drape experiments, some pattern magic work, and channel a lot of energy toward a mini-collection inspired by photographs like this one of my house at the top of the page. lots of greens, and browns, and lace, and fun. maybe some 70s inspiration.
  4. keep refashioning and re-making.  i learn a lot that way and i love the results.
  5. finish the sweater i started knitting in 2010.


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4 Responses to some 2013 thoughts

  1. jillybe says:

    I love your ongoing daily goals list – perhaps because they all ring true to mine, and it’s always nice to see reminders in print – thank you. 🙂

  2. nettie says:

    You know I’m totally on board with this kind of thinking!! Your crafty goals sound really doable. Though, I’ve found that I am totally not into any of the knitting projects I started that long ago. I have a nearly finished sweater I’m not even sure if I like.

    I’m also so interested in your house reno plans. I’ve always loved home improvement shows, even way back when there was only This Old House on PBS, lol. I have dreams of owning a real fixer-upper one day.

  3. Clio says:

    These are excellent goals and plans. I like to stay nimble with my goals, too. Too long a to do list seems to paralyze me. And I really found it very rewarding and revitalizing this past year the few times I paused from my leather jacket to sew other things.

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