a comforting friday night ritual for a bone-chilling evening


Handmade by Heidi

handmade by heidi is hosting the first FNSI of 2013, and i am thrilled to return to such a comforting ritual. it’s been a long, semi-stressful week that involved ACTUAL WORK (horror!) at my day job, and that is before one considers how bone-chillingly cold it has been in NYC, or the fact that my contractor says i need a new roof. i am really excited to be reclaiming this bit of sacred space for my own personal sabbath at the start of a weekend.

in an effort to really hold myself accountable, i’m posting a few goals  here so that i feel responsible to report progress by monday morning.  🙂

20130125-135747.jpgfirst, i’d like to finish this SWAG make for my sister.  it’s a simplicity 2927, project runway pattern, that we actually finished almost two years ago but which never quite suited her.  see, the pattern calls for a large, mod-ish collar.  she loved the collar but not when it came to actually wearing it–it just didn’t suit her enough to make it feel comfortable.  so i ripped the collar off and will finish it in a simple, really cute bias binding that will leave the tunic with a wide boatneck perfect for leggings and boots.  you may be able to tell that the hem is uneven, but we’re leaving it that way since my mom put up the hem by hand in a fit of collaborative spirit, and the finish is just too pretty to ruin over something as petty as unevenness.

then, yet another SWAG make for my sister.  obviously i’ve been feeling unusually generous lately!


it’s a colette taffy in a gorgeous roberto cavalli crepe-de-chine and all it wants is the binding at the edges.  granted, that’s still a few hours of work, but i feel confident it will be worth it.  the huge pattern of the silk really suits the simplicity of the taffy.  we swapped out the taffy circle sleeves for something a bit more toned-down and got what i think is a fabulous result, so i feel good about this one.  my sister has the perfect body type for the colette sloper – all i did was kenneth king’s built-in swayback on the bodice and left the typically generous colette bust points alone for a really gorgeous fit.  and i should mention:  there is enough leftover for me to scrape out a colette cinnamon top for myself, so i am not coming out of this bargain on the losing side.  😉

should i actually accomplish these lofty goals, i have a few more for myself, all involving finishes:  biding a vogue 1247; hemming a simplicity 2212, and getting a zipper and hem onto a vogue 1174.  i’d say that’s quite enough to be getting on with, no??!


casual fridays:  fluffy sweater from elizabeth & james
self-drafted chanel-inspired skirt
wool tights with hearts
thigh-high black boots


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8 Responses to a comforting friday night ritual for a bone-chilling evening

  1. Clio says:

    What a good night for hunkering down and sewing! I love that Cavalli print!

  2. gingermakes says:

    How fun! Happy weekend! Stay warm!

  3. SailAway says:

    Can’t wait for #cavallimorning

  4. Kathryn says:

    I love the idea of a Friday night sew-in! I quite often do that anyway on a Friday night but it’d be great to get the extra motivation of being part of an event – I hope there’s one in February. I love your taffy blouse too – that fabric is gorgeous!

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  6. SailAway says:

    Casual clandestine cavalliness

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