another vogue 1247



cross another one off the list of now-finished 2012 sewing projects!  i’m thrilled to report that i was very diligent with my FNSI and got loads of things finished, including both tops for my sister and this stunning set of vogue 1247 separates.

yes, it’s my third set.  i think this is one of my genuine go-to patterns for when i’m looking for something with some design interest that is also great for a fun fabric like this blue liberty print.  on this version, i was thrilled to use up this blue liberty, because it had been kind of a misanthrope in my stash:  not playing well with others and not always feeling appealing to me.

i finished all the seams with flat-felled seams and bound the neck and sleeves with charmeuse bias tape from mood fabrics.  i used the binding techniques outlined in lynda maynard’s handbook of couture sewing techniques, with really excellent results.


i’m not sure if you can tell, but i actually grabbed the back of the shirt, made a little pleat, and secured it with a safety pin for the day.  the extra ease in the blouse – somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 inches – is great for a casual look, but i think it’s time to start experimenting with versions of this top that offer a closer fit.

the skirt i made as-is, only eliminating the waistband and substituting a wide piece of blue grosgrain.  what i love about this skirt is that i used a scrap of leftover silk faile that has a texture almost like a giant piece of grosgrain ribbon.  so it’s light, has a sheen, has a texture, but also is easy to sew–once i tamed the constantly-shredding seams.

friends, i have to leave you now.  i just got back from dinner, where ann spilled not one but two glasses of wine all over me, and i still smell like pinot grigio.  🙂

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7 Responses to another vogue 1247

  1. Just as well the wine was a white else …. well, there’s nothing worse that smelling like pinot something-or-other and having the stain to show for it too!

    I am really liking all versions you’ve made of this vogue set.

  2. oonaballoona says:

    that last line about killed me.

    is the jacket part of the set? great ensemble!!

  3. SailAway says:

    I like the jacket! Who is it?
    I don’t like Pinot grigio. Switch it up next dinner night. Viognier perhaps?

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