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drape drape 1 #9

i’ve completed my second drape drape garment! turns out that drape drape is almost as confusing in english as it is in japanese.  🙂  believe it or not, i found this garment to be slightly trickier than my first one, … Continue reading

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some thoughts on the projects in my head

so, i’ve been thinking – which obviously worries me right off the bat. since finishing and wearing my first official SWAP garment, the entire idea of my “collection” has sort of taken shape and evolved, almost without me even having … Continue reading

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drape drape 3 #5: cats and cammo

et…voila! i hope it’s not a letdown!  here is me modeling the #5 top from drape drape 3. this top consists of two pattern pieces, which seems simple enough.  because of the size of the pattern piece and the most … Continue reading

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SWAP: and now i put my money where my mouth is

a year ago this week, i closed on my own little piece of paradise. it was one of the scariest and most exciting things i have ever done. it was a huge life change (but at least it was a … Continue reading

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drape. drape. drape-drape-drape-drape….

in saying “drape drape” over and over loads of times to myself i have become completely fixated on the sesame street aliens. WHATEVER. like you didn’t already know i was weird. but this may be more apt than i give … Continue reading

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sunday with kenneth: beginning my journey to jean-ius

i’ve been saying for a year that i was going to sit down and do my kenneth d. king craftsy class: jean-ius (reverse engineer your favorite fit). from the class description: You’ll learn fitting and pattern alteration as you turn … Continue reading

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friday night sew-in: snowpocalypse edition

it’s 2:30pm, do you know where your snow shovel is? me neither, so i am really glad that i: am already home don’t have a driveway obviously i am doing what any sane sewasaurus rex would do in the onset … Continue reading

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