“design features” and a scrap-tastic burda handbook skirt

i wanted to show you what else i’d been doing with the leftover skirt from my former advance 3929. (the bodice is now happily situated as a peplum top, thank you very much!)


since my first version of the burda handbook skirt in early 2012, it’s been cemented in my mind as a great way to play with prints and solids – and, even better, to use up bits of fabric in creative ways. immediately after finishing my original version, i began pulling out dresses that had fabric i loved but other things about them that made them ripe for refashioning. A3929 was one; another one was mccall 3928. the ever-flowing fountain of fabric formerly known as paron’s annex always had some gorgeous solids for 50% off and i had developed a hefty collection of these; i knew these solids would be destined for some burda handbook skirt action.

well, the best laid plans and all that. over a year later, none of those plotted projects happened the way i would have expected.

it was little bits of laziness and dissatisfaction more than anything else that made me linger over these projects. for example, on this particular specimen, i had planned to gather what was left of the A3929 skirt after leaving a peplum on the bodice and cutting the front bodice pieces from V1174 and use it over some leftover red silk taffeta from the red jacket of awesomeness. but the gathering looked extremely frumpy over the shiny patina of the silk and i knew it wasn’t working. it needed time to marinate, so it joined the pile of folders in a drawer in my apartment known as area 51 and sat there until about a month ago.


i realized that what i really wanted was the volume without the gathering – a trimmer layered skirt, with an extra layer to mitigate the difference in length between the cotton pieces and the taffeta pieces.

and here’s where i always get in to trouble with the burda skirt: i always forget that i need 4 side panels instead of just two. so, yep, you guessed it – i cut only two panels in both the lace and in the leftover liberty print! why do i always forget that this skirt needs four panels?!?!?! why do i never remember how much fabric the skirt actually uses?!

after my breathing finally calmed down, i assessed the meager leavings of my scrap pile and determined that the only course of action was to embrace the crazy and get a little asymmetric. THEY ARE DESIGN FEATURES. so, with the last bit of leftover lace remnant, i managed one full panel and one partial panel. this gave me enough width to handle the circumference of my waist and suggested a great solution for the liberty almost-skirt:



so there you have it. i finished it up with an extra long waistband, which i made into a valentino-inspired bow belt that comes partially across the waist until it is over the lace panel.



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4 Responses to “design features” and a scrap-tastic burda handbook skirt

  1. Clio says:

    I just yelled “f*** yeah!” at my desk. LOL Thankfully my colleagues seem not to have noticed.

  2. puu says:

    lol, fortunately i am pretty sure my colleagues don’t even notice the crazy coming from my corner any more 🙂

  3. CUP + PENNY says:

    I totally did the same thing making the BurdaStyle skirt! I had to piece the back together with a not-very-closely-matching fabric and did my best to camouflage it with the overskirt. I wrote a big note to myself in the book after that.

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