friday night sew-in: snowpocalypse edition

it’s 2:30pm, do you know where your snow shovel is?
me neither, so i am really glad that i:

  1. am already home
  2. don’t have a driveway

WIP: drape drape 3 #9.
yes, in more kitty print. yes, matched with cammo (in a cinnamon cameo appearance).
i cannot help myself.

obviously i am doing what any sane sewasaurus rex would do in the onset of a blizzard, and that is stacking up DVDs next to my sewing machine so i can leave that chair as infrequently as possible.


WIP:  OOP V8601.
bonus points if you get the inspiration.

this is actually really good for me, because, contra my best plans for the weekend, i am now forced to finish up some WIPs instead of diving into this new pile of knits i overindulged on this week at mood.


instead, i’ll focus on finishing up my V8601, my drape drape blouse, and my two colette cinnamons.  i’ve got some focusing to do, but even if i am tempted away from the machine, i still have this to work on:


grandmother’s garden practice motif, using english paper piecing techniques

yesterday i went WAAAAY out of my wheelhouse and took my first quilting class.  i could tell that the women in this group felt the same way about the quilting community that we sewasaurus rexi feel about ours:  grateful.  i have to admit in all honesty, though, that i felt truly out of my element.  the ladies could not have been more welcoming but i felt similarly to how george bernard shaw must have felt when he opined that brits and americans are two nations divided by a common language!

i don’t know if i will be returning to my LQS any time soon but i was glad i had taken a chance to learn a new technique and keep working on my goal of a modern grandmother’s garden quilt for this year.

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12 Responses to friday night sew-in: snowpocalypse edition

  1. cjgal says:

    I didn’t realize that was kitty print until you pointed it out, I love it! I’ve always thought about trying out quilting but I didn’t realize how challenging it was until I read your last post… Making me a bit hesitant. Your yellow zig zag piecing looked fantastic, you might be a natural at it! Enjoy your snow sew in!

  2. Clio says:

    I’m similarly hunkered down. Pencil skirt here I come!

    A military-esque topcoat? I’m stumped. I can’t help but think of The Great Escape when I think about military wear being repurposed into other garments. (Which this is not, but now I’ve got Steve McQueen on the brain).

  3. meggipeg says:

    I am similarly hunkered down, but because it’s going to be 41C (over 100F) here tomorrow! It’s funny how different people work/create, I never start anything until I’ve finished the previous project. It’s too much trouble changing thread colours etc. Can’t wait to see how your Drape Drape top turns out!

    • puu says:

      that’s actually really funny, because i get ABSURDLY lazy about changing thread colors. it also helps me justify my many sewing machines. 😉
      i’ll try to enjoy my blizzard, warm and safe, if you try to stay out of that blistering summer heat!

  4. oonaballoona says:

    the whole weekend with no obligations. BEST BLIZZARD EVER. i live that crazy kitty print. i think you should wear it with huge yellow plastic hoop earrings.

  5. Myrna says:

    I moved from quilting to fashions. When I attended a Sandra Betzina workshop with my Bernina bought for its stitch quality in quilting, it was strange to have the other students ask what kind of machine is that like it was a foreign object instead of a highly desired model. Too funny. It sews fashions just fine.

  6. SailAway says:

    Kitty print re-imagined!
    Jacket: Gossip girl?

  7. Your experience exactly echoes my fears about stepping into quilting. But yay, more kitty print! Way to stay safe and warm indoors during the snowpocalypse…I almost wish the same thing would happen here so that I, too, could be forced to hunker down and sew nonstop.

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