sunday with kenneth: beginning my journey to jean-ius

i’ve been saying for a year that i was going to sit down and do my kenneth d. king craftsy class: jean-ius (reverse engineer your favorite fit).

from the class description:

You’ll learn fitting and pattern alteration as you turn your jeans into a blueprint without taking them apart. Kenneth demonstrates his ingenious method to create a pattern that lets you make pair after pair of fun, flattering pants in any fabric, from casual to dressy, for women or men. In 11 lessons, he’ll walk you through measuring, drafting and construction. You’ll also be privy to construction tips picked up during Kenneth’s years of couture sewing – things that make complex details a total breeze.

my reason for putting it off was a naughty one: i’ve experienced kenneth’s “reverse draping” method, and it is both completely logical and involves a fair bit of work. so, basically, i was totally lazy.

but as is usual when doing things cleverly and properly, it’s not that it is a lot of work, it is just the kind of work that requires one to actually pay attention and care about details (never my strong suit).


yeah, it was time for me to just go for it. i decided to work on it over several weeks and try to follow one lesson at a time. my first lesson was in tracing the appropriate information from the garment by thread-basting the inseam, outseam, grainlines and other extra details according to kenneth’s method. i am using my absolute favorite jeans, the “crosby” carpenter jean by elizabeth & james, which have a bit of stretch and a lot of good deatils, including zippers at the hem, huge functional pockets, cool seaming, and something approaching a perfect fit.

i finished the thread-tracing in less than one episode of project runway.


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9 Responses to sunday with kenneth: beginning my journey to jean-ius

  1. Clio says:

    Are those your wine-attracting jeans? Cause you really should consider knocking those off. 😉

    You’re right – it’s detail work, but not difficult and it’s nice to “spend time” with KK, isn’t it? Plus, when you get up to his fly method, it’s pretty awesome. You’ll be glad you did.

    • puu says:

      yes, they are my wine-attracting jeans, so it seemed a good time to get on that! i’ve seen a demo of the technique before and i am eager to add it to my arsenal. kenneth on the video is just as engaging as in person, making the whole experience very easy!

  2. Rosie says:

    You better make a couple pairs so you can rotate amongst the different types of wines.

  3. gingermakes says:

    Aw man, this reminds me that I really need to get back to this class. I started it a while back, then dear hubs decided that HE wanted his favorite jeans replicated, which I valiantly started doing before getting bored and packing it up. It’s just so boring to sew for other people (terrible, right?). But I should get back to it! Good luck with yours– they have great details!

    • puu says:

      this is going to sound horribly selfish, but i honestly cannot imagine going through this process for SOMEONE ELSE’S JEANS 🙂 at least not until i make my own first!!

      • gingermakes says:

        I KNOW. It’s just so much work! And he prefers loose-fitting, grunge-style jeans… it’s so unrewarding! But. He does put up with the horror show of my sewing stash sprawled all over the house and me clattering away at the machine all weekend long, so I suppose it would be nice to me to be unselfish…

      • puu says:

        LOL! you are a better woman than i am, ginger 🙂

      • gingermakes says:

        Not yet, since I started them in, oh, May and haven’t even finished the thread tracing! Ugh…

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