some thoughts on the projects in my head

so, i’ve been thinking – which obviously worries me right off the bat. since finishing and wearing my first official SWAP garment, the entire idea of my “collection” has sort of taken shape and evolved, almost without me even having to think about it.


which is, you know, awesome, because again, thinking = scary.


and, even more awesome, it feels like the appropriate direction for my ideas to take. it feels right, it combines a lot of things i have been wanting to try with a color palette i am thrilled about and some garments that i think are cohesive as a collection AND WEARABLE.

and yet, i pause. i worry. and i also sort of feel awesome, because it turns out my brilliant idea to instill my collection with a little hand-made derring-do is TOTALLY TRENDY.

Source: via Devra on Pinterest


that’s right…it’s patchwork. and quilting. and screenprinting, and fabric dyeing. AND EVEN ALEXANDER MACQUEEN DID IT.

not to mention…did you see what chanel sent down the runway for s/s2013?


Source: via Devra on Pinterest


seriously. i don’t know whether to be in awe at its awesomeness or terrified.

Source: via Devra on Pinterest


i should mention that my real source of inspiration on this is going to be more jay mccarroll than karl lagerfeld. i was re-watching his first runway show a few weeks ago and the genius of his infusion of color and traditional patchwork (and other handmade, crafty techniques) into his fashion just bowled me over. so i went straight back to my alabama chanin books and tie-dyed fabric and started mixing them with my new collection of knits.

20120913-215322.jpglike, what about a jacket in a gorgeous deep purple with a flower motif peeking through in red?

Source: via Devra on Pinterest


or a clean white t-shirt (or a tie-dyed one!) done alabama corset-style?




….what do you think?
crafty, or crazy?



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4 Responses to some thoughts on the projects in my head

  1. Clio says:

    OK, I have to admit that I am utterly disturbed and terrified by the Chanel jeans remake dress, but in part that’s because the b*tchf@ce model clearly plucked a happy monarch butterfly out of the sky and shoved it in her pocket out of pure bitterness at being chosen for a Chanel show and then having to wear that dress.

    I always think Alabama Chanin is not really for me and then desperately love it on others. I like the boho, hippie kind of styles brought up to date. And I think it’s a great look for you and the perfect inspiration for/from your house. Claudine (couturearts) did a crazy cool patchwork skirt last year that totally sold me on patchwork. So, yeah, I’m totally on board with your plan. 😉 Except for the Chanel jeans butt dress. LOL Serious nightmares tonight!

    • puu says:

      LOL! i know, those are too interesting for words….
      i’m hopeful that with my color choices and motif choices and fabric choices i can really interpret the alabama chanin looks into something that feels appropriate and not too crafty or otherwise not in tune with what i am looking for…

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I think your inspirations are both subtle and extravagent, so I think it will balance out beautifully once you put your spin on it. Ok, I hate the denim thing- it just doesn’t look functional…but thats no deal-breaker, is it?

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