drape drape 1 #9


i’ve completed my second drape drape garment!


turns out that drape drape is almost as confusing in english as it is in japanese.  🙂  believe it or not, i found this garment to be slightly trickier than my first one, because it was not immediately clear to me how the sleeves were meant to form.


fortunately, a little manipulation on the dress form set that score fairly quickly, and i was soon looking at a pretty awesome, simple little garment.  i did make a few errors, though.  although i could have sworn the pattern includes seam allowance, i was no longer quite so sure once i tried on the finished garment.  i think it was a wee bit snugger than originally anticipated.  this is also because, as you can see below, they used much wider lace than i did and got a correspondingly wider back area:



but i love my crochet trim!  and fortunately, it still fits, and i like the snugness of the waistline.  so nyah.


inspiration image for “lost drape blouse”

finishing the sleeves almost banished this beauty to area 51.  the instructions (such as they are) are especially weak on how the sleeve is intended to be finished, so i had to sort of go my own way.  i almost left them in all of their batwing-ed glory, but ultimately decided i wanted a finished sleeve with a lace trim cuff.  i think the book wanted me to use elastic to help gather everything, but that seemed like a waist, so i just made 3 rows of gathering stitches about an inch up from the sleeve hem, and attached my crochet lace below that for a clean fit.20130225-125034.jpg

this is the third in my series of pieces that may eventually form my “collection.”  i love this piece and its “inclusion” in my “collection” will depend on how i ultimately decide to pair it (or not) with other pieces in the planning stages.  i am thinking some rite of spring shorts in a cute brown denim, what do you think?

image from papercut patterns

or, how could i introduce this top to some cute gray bottoms?  what is a good, intermediate-weight fabric that could be a great transitional piece?  i am thinking three-season wear on this one, and i love the idea of a good, versatile pair of shorts or culottes.

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10 Responses to drape drape 1 #9

  1. Megan says:

    I love your version of this top. The crochet trim is beautiful and I like how the top sits on your hips. Well done figuring out the puzzle of how it goes together!

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Hi there, saw your post over on Lladybird’s blog so thought I would pop over. I definitely want to get this book. You mention here that this book is very confusing. Would you recommend it? I’ve never draped anything before and was hoping this would introduce me to the concept, but perhaps this is more for experienced pattern drapers? Anyway, I look forward to following you and seeing what else you post. Cheers.

    • puu says:

      Hi! What is great (or not) about this book is that it is not an intro to draping. All of the designs are included as flat patterns. For me, this was a huge plus, because I know zip about draping but still wanted to play. So yes, I recommend it, but you should know that it is not a draping book but a book of patterns based on draped elements. Does that help? 🙂

  3. sosewlovely says:

    The top and trimming combination is lovely. Well done! I have all 3 drape drape books but haven’t tried making one yet because the instruction (even in English) doesn’t seem very clear. I might have a go when weather in the UK gets warmer!

  4. This is a sweet top-I traced out the other lacy one from this book but never made it up-I tend to trace stuff at the end of whatever season and then put away the patterns when the weather changes XD Thanks for reminding me!

  5. smittenness says:

    This is so sweet. I’ve been looking at this top but thought it was a bit to wide. Your version is just lovely and the “snugness” is ace! Looking forward to making this myself.

    • puu says:

      thanks! 🙂 as i said, i am not sure if the “snugness” was part of the intended design, but it ended up working pretty well for me and how i plan to wear it. good luck with yours!

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