wonky log cabin “roses”: fashion fabric WIP, or destined for the scrap bag?

i’ve been hugely intoxicated by the brilliant colors and deceptively simple shapes of the prabal gurung for target collection. this piece in particular struck out to me – for its ease of wearing, and for how easy it would be to reinterpret.

Target - Prabal Gurung For Target® Sleeveless Tee in First Date Print - Image Zoom_1362757130321immediately i saw a version in yellow, a color that i love, that i have trouble wearing, and that is definitely missing from my SWAP color palette. i’m really trying not to buy too much stuff this year, and i realized that i had a bag full of different yellow silk scraps and remnants from other projects. what would happen, i wondered, if i quilted them together?

i knew i wanted a “modern” block, but also one that was simple, doesn’t involve a lot of cutting or shaping. i was drawn to the log cabin block (traditional if ever there was one!) because i knew i could just cut snips of fabric on the grain and then tear them, giving me lots of blocks to play with to form my “log cabin.”


of course, i went wonky. i used my craftsy 2012 block of the month video for a basic rundown on “wonky” log cabin blocks, and some googling informed me that these can sometimes be called “roses.”

sold! so what do you think?


also, in my moment of stupidity for the week, i sliced in to my finger with a pair of ginghers while i was trying to swatch some liberty of london.



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5 Responses to wonky log cabin “roses”: fashion fabric WIP, or destined for the scrap bag?

  1. SailAway says:

    I have been anxious to get a piece of the prabal gurung action, buy alas – the local targets are sold out and items are not available online.

    Happy accident or clandestine cleverness that you chose the liberty roses for the middle of your wonky rose quilt?

    Ginghers are dangerous in hands the likes of yours. :-p looks like you’ll skate away without stitches

  2. gingermakes says:

    I’m SO excited to see this!

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