quilting the roses…yellow


i lied, some sewing did get done this weekend.  but not too much!  just enough to fill four little 9×9 sqaures.  i continued making my wonky log cabin “roses” in different scraps (and shades) of yellow silk, using a tiny scrap of liberty of london tana lawn (a leftover from a SWAG item that my sister still won’t photograph) in the middle for the main block.


i have to admit, after spending a little bit of time with it, i’m kind of starting to understand the appeal of patchworking now.  especially scrappy patchworking.  the rhythm is fairly predictable, there’s not a lot of measuring happening, plus you get the bonus of seeing the pile of scraps diminish on one side while blocks pile up on the other.  i started off needing about 45 minutes to make a block (approximately one episode of dawson’s creek, FYI.  season 4, if you are curious), but by sunday afternoon i could knock two out in one episode of law & order (or fringe).


i definitely have enough patches to make a bodice now, and i think i love them.  here they are, pinned to my form at just about the bustline.  i draped some buttery yellow sheer organza that josh helped me pick out at saturday’s mood extravaganza so i could start to visualize a yoke.

the question now is how to resolve the bottom.  do i hem the blocks at the natural waist and pair them with a skirt (or shorts – maybe a summer romper)?  or do i make a peplum of some kind?  or maybe i should play with using smaller blocks, say, 4×4, to extend the length just down to the half-hip.

i also haven’t decided if i want any sashing in between the blocks.


if you are curious, i do plan on actually making a quilt sandwich and doing some quilting.  as i am planning it now, i see attaching each block to a slightly larger piece of backing, with something (maybe muslin?) in the middle to give it just a little bit of body.  i think i will trace a few of the alabama chanin roses onto the blocks, and quilt them by hand.  with beads?  would stitching with beads be too much?

more as this story develops.

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7 Responses to quilting the roses…yellow

  1. gingermakes says:

    Interesting! This is so unique and is really going to look cool!

  2. puu says:

    i definitely hope to stay on the “cool” side of interesting vs the “weird and scary” side. 😀

  3. Charlotte says:

    Ooh, cool! The yoke really grounds it firmly in interesting and fantastic. Trust.

    Though, I just had to Google quilt sandwich, as I thought you had stepped over the quilter-lady dark side and were referring to an actual sandwich with some sort of “It’s not an art; it’s a lifestyle” term.

  4. sailaway007 says:

    I thought you were making an actual quilt.
    AND i will photograph the cami, but it’s WINTER, woman!

  5. megthegrand says:

    Oooooo….I love how this is looking with all the different shades of yellow. It’s going to be stunning, I think!

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