well, mostly. peter really fixed it for me, only we realized that we needed a new part. and then i just copied his every move.


my beautiful featherweight #2, with the gorgeous quiet motor and the measured throat plate, decided that it wasn’t interested in tension anymore.  tension, the machine was saying, is for wusses.


so we took that baby apart to show it who’s boss.  above is the troublesome tension spring, happily in situ and unaware that we have its number.

20130315-092031.jpgmy hero.  purchased from sew-classic.


behold, my vanquished foe!  i was very, very nervous about taking apart the machine without supervision but i realized that i would practically have to move in with peter (and michael AND the dogs) if i didn’t get over my fear and at least try it by myself after seeing him take apart and re-assemble the tension assembly four or five times over the weekend.

but guess what?  turns out the instruction manual is totally useful.  brings a whole new meaning to the old hacker slang of “RTFM.”


and voila!  beautiful stitches.


a huge improvement over sunday’s travesty, no?

the end.

i’ve been continuing to work on chanel #2 and last night finished the body of the jacket.  i had the quilting a lot more under control yesterday, and i felt less silly doing it after putting everything together.    but just to echo clio’s comment, for this fabric, i am really, really glad that i did not go full-on chanel.  i can tell just by feeling the quilted fabric that it would never be as nice or as soft as my completed specimen, and i would have felt like i wasted a lot of time.

what’s on your sewing table this weekend?

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10 Responses to guys, i FIXED MY OWN MACHINE

  1. Aleksandra says:

    Hurray for bravery! Aren’t those ancient Singer manuals great? They have so much take-apart information in them. I love the one for my 338!

  2. nettie says:

    GO DEVRA!!! That’s so cool! I might need your guidance when I pick up my grandma’s old machines.

  3. Brenda says:

    Woah! That’s like forced maturity! Like realizing there is no Santa Claus! Hmmm, I’m in denial, I like my machine tech. I don’t want to know!!! 😉
    Good for you! Yet another trait I admire in you!

  4. Clio says:

    I’m so wishing I knew how to maintenance my own machine. My SM is still in the shop. So, I’m going to spend some time with my granny’s machine today. I’ve got about a six projects in my head vying for attention and I’m not sure which to do first. Too much mojo and not enough hours in the day!

  5. oonaballoona says:

    hey! i could come back over and break it if you want! i’ll bring donuts…

    (did he give you that camera??)

  6. Rosie says:

    LMAO at “RTFM”. So glad it was something simple!

  7. megthegrand says:

    THAT IS AWESOME. Well done, my friend! Definitely a fabulous skill to have!!

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