return to camp chanel: how to make friends and influence people


answer:  be the crazy lady with the cat on a leash.
guess who went to camp today?


susan and my fellow inmates kindly invited me to bring a guest to class today for extra company.


needless to say, he was a huge hit with all of the ladies.

then, having made his presence known, he settled down to serious business.



meanwhile, i quilted. after nearly going blind yesterday squinting at my thread tracing, susan and i came up with this ribbon technique for marking out my quilting lines. it was pretty genius. as usual, i couldn’t quite keep my lines straight, but overall i was quite pleased with the result. i actually got the “wooly mammoth” (susan’s term) basted together and re-fitted.


the boucle has so much loft that even a 2-muslin fitting process still needs to be tweaked in fashion fabric. in my case, we needed to drop the shoulders (again) and nip in the back a bit for a smooth and slim fit.


and for the bossy ladies out there, a few detail shots (with a bonus look at my newly-ombre hair):


my workroom/hotel room, with my homework spread out on the desk. after i quilted, knotted and basted today, i decided to get a jump start on tomorrow by starting to clean up some of those seams. i fell-stitched the side seams so that i can start my sleeves tomorrow. i also pin-basted my SF and SB seams so that when i check my sleeve layouts tomorrow i can also commit to my godets. right now, the choice is between two godets (one in each center front/side front seam) and four godets (adding two at the back/side back joins). however, since i am literally going to use every scrap of fabric eeking this garment out, i need to consider carefully and know what i am about before another milimeter of fabric gets cut.


parting shot of my quilted fabric, and in this shot you can actually see the amazing ombre rainbow swirling over the boucle. what do you think of the lining? in general, i am a bit “meh” on the absurd quantities of marc jacobs prints at mood, but in this instance, both of my chosen lining fabrics are marc jacobs. in this instance, a crepe-de-chine. i was really curious to see how the crepe felt against my skin (answer: amazing) and compare it to the charmeuse i used last time.


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11 Responses to return to camp chanel: how to make friends and influence people

  1. gingermakes says:

    Ahhhhhhh! Indy!!!!! I love him. I can’t get over it! But dude– this coat is going to be amazing! I love the colors in the boucle!

  2. Tia Dia says:

    OMG – this jacket is going to be so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the photos, and I do hope you share lots more of the process!

  3. Rosie says:

    I told you Indy would be a hit at class. So happy he made it to class and I bet the ladies loved him. LOL “wooly mammoth” – is gorgeous.

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  5. LLADYBIRD says:

    Oh my goddddd I love that cat.

  6. Clio says:

    Nice on the skin lining is soooooooo nice! I like the print.

  7. oonaballoona says:

    i was wondering what was going on with that ponytail! DETAIL GLAMOUR SHOT!!

    indy must be really pleased that you bought all that lovely fabric and traveled to baltimore so he could hold court. that cat rules.

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