return to camp chanel: wherein i sin, twice

by the end of day two, camp chanel was basically a non-stop marathon for me.  i had big dreams and lots of work to do.

gray thread...

gray thread…

and yet i was still shocked when i ran out of thread, probably because i had already been to jo-ann twice that day.  so i just casually swapped…


to purple thread.  i am pretty sure no one noticed, because i was quilting godets like a madwoman.


cutting the godets turned out to be a huge deal, because i was almost literally out of fabric.  i had thought i had nearly five yards but it was probably closer to three and every snip into the fabric would affect anything else i wanted to accomplish.  no pressure there!  i cut the godets on the bias, both for drape and for visual interest.  by some miracle (a passover miracle?  but it was more like the never-ending oil of chanukah…) i had enough fabric for four godets, in two sets that mirrored each other.


here you can see the awesome way the bias shows in the godets

fortunately, quilting the godets was a cinch.  mostly because susan uttered words i never expected to hear from her in my life:  bag them out so they are pre-hemmed and quilt right off the edges.


close-up of godet insertion

say WHAT?!?!
dude, i can so do that.

anyone need a pattern weight?

anyone need a pattern weight?

by tuesday night, i had four godets and two sleeves ready for insertion.  both as a design intention and as a necessity, i went for a half-sleeve.  this allowed me to use a two-piece sleeve rather than a three-piece sleeve, because three pieces would have unnecessarily cluttered up the lines of the shorter sleeve.  bonus:  a two-piece sleeve takes up less fabric!

i focused then on cleaning up the inside of my sleeves and jackets so that everything was mostly done – done enough, at least, to try on a sleeve and finalize the sleeve placement.  this took approximately four episodes of series 6 project runway (susan laughed when i explained my method of measuring time, but it made sense to me…)


a note on tools:  i ended up switching over to a japanese needle for this handwork.  amazingly, it made a huge difference.


and then by wednesday morning, i had this:



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8 Responses to return to camp chanel: wherein i sin, twice

  1. Tia Dia says:

    hehehe…. surprising how lovely unexpected words can be! Bagging hems indeed! And now you’re almost there. It’s going to be gorgeous!

  2. Clio says:

    Wow. Your sins were absolved! Looking awesome!

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