WIP: t-shirt, alabama chanin style

you may remember that several months ago i broke out this top, even though technically it wasn’t finished.


then, i stenciled it using my bloomers stencil from the alabama stitch book.


and then i let it sit for a while.

well, several months, a weekend spent visiting friends with kids, and two viewings of “wreck-it ralph” (in one saturday! 4-year-olds…what are you gonna do?) later, i’m much closer to getting it to its final state.




i filled in the “bloomers” stencil using a very wide satin stitch, so that the glitter paint shows through in the right light. i also decided to “string applique” a rose from my rose motif stencil over the leaves for a real three-dimensional texture.

all that remains is to tack the string applique in place, maybe using beads? or is that too much?

much to do this weekend, friends. i have a dress to finish and a vegetable garden to get in the ground. plus, my fruit trees arrived this week! exciting things are happening.


have a great weekend!

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10 Responses to WIP: t-shirt, alabama chanin style

  1. sailaway007 says:

    you had me at “the glitter paint shows through in the right light.” Love the alabama stitching, and rose is very fun. Can’t wait until the orchard is aged enough to sit in the shade of one of the trees and sulk that I can’t eat anything off of it.

  2. Clio says:

    When I started typing I had some metaphor in mind about the stitching on your top and leaves growing and something something organic something. But now all I can think is that I haven’t had coffee yet. So, you’re gonna have to make do with a “nice top!” 😉

  3. piakdy says:

    That’s a pretty amazing looking top & outfit! Love the luscious colors.

    I just found your blog via Another Sewing Scientist’s map of the world of sewists. I’m an ex-NYer & fellow sewist / blogger who’ll be visiting NYC in early June (6/6-11/2013 Thu-Tue). I was wondering if you’d be up for a meet up? I’m trying to contact as many NYC-based sewists as possible to organize one say for Saturday 6/8. Are you free? (BTW I’ve contacted Clio too. Was going to email you direct, but am unable to find an email address for you.)

    Pia of overflowingstash.wordpress.com

  4. Lisette says:

    Oooh I love Alabama Chanin. I have one of the books, but have never made anything from it. I’ll bet yours is going to come out amazing because it already looks awesome.

    • puu says:

      Thank you! I have really loved everything I have tried from it so far, but this is definitely the most ambitious.,,

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Sufiya says:

    If you want fruit trees to grow extra fast set up an outhouse next to them! I lived on an old farm for a while that had no house, so while we were building, we set up an outhouse next to this sad little lone apple tree. It was about a year and a half before we could move in and the outhouse got regular use…that bush-sized tree DOUBLED and TRIPLED in size and became a full-on tree in that time; I guess the extra ‘fertilizer’ made all the difference!

    Here’s a weird-but-true fact: you cannot plant new apple trees in an established apple orchard because the older trees will kill the younger ones. Ask an experienced orchardist this and he will confirm it.

  6. Glitter paint and string applique?! BE STILL MY HEART. Love it so much – the colors are magnificent!

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