vogue 1207: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL


that about sums it up.

the scene: thursday night in a hotel room, spread out on the desk, project runway reruns blaring in the background, doing battle with a zipper.

then, i try it on.

then, i started swearing. and crying. and considering ripping the dress off my body with my serrated gingher shears.

20130516-151531.jpgthe biggest issue at the time was its strange, flat, tight fit across my chest, which i mitigated by removing the bra cups from the underlining, and thus returning it to the (semi-) normal state you see above. the flatness, alas, would require surgical intervention, so i left that alone.


now, getting it home and trying it on again, the real heart-breaker is the wonkiness of the waist seam. it sort of zigs and zags across my mid-section, instead of going straight around in an oval at about my waist level. i am unsure if this is fixable and frankly ambivalent about attempting it.

20130516-151538.jpgi admit to being somewhat satisfied with the back, because i love a deep V.

but i think ultimately that my best option is to disassemble and simplify.
i think i may be able to salvage most of the skirt into a crescent blouse.

or i could try slicing and dicing, blocking and mixing, and going back to a simple a-line, like this tracy reese number spotted on a recent lunch trip to nordstrom.

the latter would allow me to salvage more of the bodice print placement, which was my favorite bit of the versace pattern.

but as for v1207? i’m over it.


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24 Responses to vogue 1207: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

  1. smittenness says:

    What a shame! Such lovely fabric but looks like you’ve got some great ideas on how to salvage it. The back looks great, deep Vs all the way!

  2. LLADYBIRD says:

    Boo! I hate it when I have a fail, it’s such a bummer. I hope you can squeeze something out of that fabric, because it is amazing and it deserves to be made into something equally amazing 😀

  3. cjgal says:

    The fabric is beautiful! Luckily it looks like the skirt still has a solid salvageable piece, I’m liking the direction with the Tracy Reese dress. Good luck!

    • puu says:

      yeah, i think the dress lets me save more of the bits of print that i like, but i also like the idea of something super-casual out of the fancy fabric. i’m torn!!!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Awww!!! The back is great!! I like your salvage ideas though! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

    • puu says:

      i hope to come up with something good…i will probably try to draft a shift dress pattern and slash it first, so that i can decide how i feel about it…

  5. oonaballoona says:

    oh NO!! screw that vogue pattern, we never liked her anyway. it will make a gorgeous floaty crescent. perfect for summer & italian ices. (i dunno, just seemed appropriate.)

  6. nettie says:

    Dude, this is brutal!! I hate when this happens, but it especially sucks with such special fabric ;(
    I think your ideas to save the fabric are great. I just received two Megan Nielsen patterns and I’m kicking myself for passing on the 4 for 3 deal.

    • puu says:

      it’s totally true, but that is why i try not to treat special fabric as *too* special. it doesn’t always work, but i feel like if i approach it like any other fabric, and do my best to make it work, then at least i gave it my all.

      4 FOR 3?!?!! how did i miss that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      • francesca says:

        Yes, how did I miss that too?
        What a shame about your lovely dress – I just found your blog after looking for papercut patterns made up:) – love your alabama chanin… such a pity about this dress, I don’t suppose you could try covering the wonky waist with an obi style belt???? so much work!

      • puu says:

        it’s true a belt would probably work, i would just feel defeated and frumpy whenever i put it on. better to try something new with more positive energy, i thnk!

        speaking of papercut, i have a fresh papercut FO and a WIP that i plan to post about soon. spoiler warning: i LOVE them.

  7. black label says:

    oh nooooo! i made this – it was an uphill battle as well & now that ive lost some weight it dont fit…which means i will have to do the dreaded task of altering…i cant even think about it. Such a pity because that fabric of yours is heavenly!!

    • puu says:

      did you have the wonky waist issue as well? some googling has led me to suspect i am not the only one with that issue…

      • black label says:

        slightly wonky at first but i fixed it by taking in the back more & stabalising the waist (inside)..use a binding or something similar. I also only wear this with an elasticated belt to cinch it all in so wonky waist or not, its never seen…. { EVER }.

  8. mrsmole says:

    I did a Google search for images of this dress and the few that were there were belted…covering up the crappy looking uneven waistline…there must be something inherently wrong with this pattern or more people would be making it and raving instead of ranting about it. You did your best, now it should be turned into a skirt with a simple top and some killer necklace!

  9. Clio says:

    Oh! I am crushed for you! CRUSHED! I can’t believe that on top of a bratty fabric the pattern is also a dud! It sounds like you’ve got a good rescue plan in the works.

    • puu says:

      i’m trying not to let it wear me down – in fact, i think i am more excited about the “rescue” plan than i was about Plan A. maybe the fabric was trying to tell me something…

  10. Gjeometry says:

    Aw, so sorry to hear of your tribulations! I am in love with the fabric and also think the deep V back is SO flattering. It looks nice on you!! Too bad about the waist issue. I think you should definitely keep the back V if you are going to transform it into something else. Good luck!

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