Me-made-vacation, day one

Ok, so I missed me-made-may. In fact, I pretty much missed most of may, in spite of intentions to finish one of my Chanel jackets and a pair of paper it patterns rite of spring shorts – at a minimum.

But, as the saying goes, life happens. Or in my case, five acres of yard that needs to be raked, mulched and planted happened. A last minute decision to spend 5 hours on a train to go to half of a wedding happened. And mostly, all of that made me really, really tired, so I focused what little energy I could muster on long-neglected chores like laundry and dry cleaning and cleaning the cat box and finally hanging a year-old pile of framed photographs.

And so I offer the me-made-vacation. I am in Paris with family and I have an absurd amount of pride in the fact that if I pay a bit of attention to my wardrobe, I can “pass” as a local instead of my clueless American self. I thought it was time I worked harder at incorporating my me-maxes into some of the designer togs I collected and inherited with my mother.

I have enlisted my sister in this venture as my minion and photographer. This is what she gets for complaining that I do not blog enough.

Today’s outfit is my new favorite t-shirt. I’m pretty sure I have said that before, but this time I swear I mean it. It’s Pucci jersey that josh at mood tried to hide from me because he knows I have an expensive habit for the stuff, but I thwarted his scheme and snagged two yards. That was just barely enough for this drape drape T from, I think, DD3. Paired with a comfy pair of jeans that do not require a belt and a black Chanel blazer.

I am blogging on my iPad. I have no idea how that will go. Until next time, a bientot!





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3 Responses to Me-made-vacation, day one

  1. Clio says:

    Me Made Vacation is SOOO much better than MMM! Woo hoo! Hope you are sipping cafe or vin on Blvd Saint Germain as I write this. (BTW – Not a bad gig for a minion, I think.)

  2. Lisette says:

    Oh ma cherie! Vacations are always better when you feel like you are dressed stylishly. Do you speak french as well?

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