FO: insanely frankenpatterned yet awesome star wars t-shirt

20130625-094941.jpglook, ma!  i made something!
yes, friends, after nearly four months, i finally turned my sewing machine back on.  i’ve come to realize in my life-long hobby obsession that you have to go with the flow and not force yourself through dry spells (ahem, vogue 1207)…the inspiration will always come back if you let it.

here’s how mine did:  i was walking through the insanely posh shopping mall next to my office, which has a pottery barn kids.  (stay with me)  this made me think of their star wars sheets.  which made me think of awesome star wars sheet dresses.  which reminded me that somewhere in my stash i have a sailor moon sheet.  (unfortunately, it’s in the part of my stash that is 90 miles away.)  by the time i hit bloomingdale’s i was reminded of an awesome raglan sleeve t-shirt i saw earlier this year which had a huge graphic design on the front but then lace raglan sleeves, which made for a really intriguing combination that has stuck with me ever since.

long story short (too late?), i got home and 2 episodes of project runway later i had this.


and yes, i was so excited to actually have made something that i did not change out of my pajama shorts.  to quote lauren:  sorry, not sorry!

i don’t think i can call it a refashion when the original t-shirt was purchased with the express intention of using it as fashion fabric for a completely different design.  at any rate, here is the original design – i do not think the artist is selling it as a t-shirt anymore:

at the moment, i’m having an insane love affair with raglan sleeve shirts that have a deep, open back, which given my less-than-awesome skin i should probably care more about, so the deep back was a sort of game-time decision.  again: sorry, not sorry.  this pattern is a mashup of a renfrew, a sloppy josephine, the alabama studio sewing + design basic t-shirt block, and the bodice of an 80s raglan sleeve dress pattern i have from the deep stash.

20130625-094959.jpgyou can see that it probably would benefit from a bias string along what would be the back neckline if the shirt had a back.  until then, though, i love my blue lace sleeves (leftover from my lady mary renfrew) and the easiness of the fold-over elastic, even if using that instead of a neck band totally stretched out my neckline until it was off-the-shoulder instead of just kissing my shoulder blades.  BOOOOOOOOO.

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7 Responses to FO: insanely frankenpatterned yet awesome star wars t-shirt

  1. Clio says:

    I have such Star Wars sheet dress envy, and now t-shirt too. So fun! I love the back and shoulder-baring neck. Perfect for summer. You know, I have never managed to make FOE really work for me either.

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Very cute top! I like the open back. I think your back will appreciate some fresh air! 🙂

  3. Elle C says:

    Oh my, I want one now. Nice.

  4. I am in love with that back! It’s so unexpected. That t-shirt design is pretty dang awesome too…you have the best geeky tees!

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