SWAG: just another t-shirt, pucci-style

since all of my other sewing goals for the summer flew out the window with the arrival of summer, i’ll focus on the one i did complete.

at the (somewhat) reasonable request of my sewing minion, with the sort-of reasonable request that it be done in time for her birthday (july 24), i made possibly the most awesomest t-shirt on the face of the planet. most stylish. most comfortable.

and also, the most expensive.
AND. i will have you know. AND i sacrificed yardage i had bought for myself in order to do it. is that dedication to the cause or what?

long story short (too late): last spring on one of my many shopping expeditions with clio and oona, i hounded josh at mood until we pulled out some knit pucci yardage and immediately splurged on enough for a renfrew.

then, my sister came, and, as sisters do, she wanted some of the yardage as well. because it was awesome and i have impeccable taste, obviously. so josh scrounged us up another yard, which i took home and tucked away for the july deadline.

only three days before the big day, however, i had not even contemplated making this garment. and my sister – darn her – had the nerve to ask if, possibly, if i wasn’t too busy, could i maybe try to finish the top as her birthday present?

totally unreasonable, no?


so i pulled out the yardage and a few patterns, including the alabama studio sewing + design t-shirt block which i had cut out and set aside for my sister’s exclusive use during last summer’s camp. i pulled out the half-sleeve from the renfrew, because it is the perfect length for a sleeve, and re-drew the neckline on the AS+S pattern for more of a scoop neck. as i was laying out the fabric, however, i realized that no way was i getting the extra length of the AS+S shirt plus the renfrew half-sleeve out of a mere yard of jersey. but what is a girl supposed to do? nothing, i guess, except pull out my own stash of yardage for the sleeves.


so here it is on me, looking awesome. i love the longer length of the AS+S pattern versus the renfrew, now that i’ve really tried it and played with it. and this jersey is soft beyond belief. i lost track of how many texts i sent to my sister: NEVER WASH THIS FABRIC IN A MACHINE.


and here it is on the birthday girl, out for a birthday dinner at some swanky bit of the boston restaurant scene.

i guess it looks ok on her, too.


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6 Responses to SWAG: just another t-shirt, pucci-style

  1. oonaballoona says:

    evil sister!!!!!!!! i love it when gifts for others pay off…i mean, her command made you cut into your own, yes?

  2. poppykettle says:

    Oh that is a top of epic fabulousness proportions. And you sewed it for another???? Love it.

  3. Excellent work. And the pattern on the front is very, very evocative XD

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