drape drape 3 #2 (one pattern drape dress)


my stampede through the drape drape books continues, as i catch up on all the bits i’ve traced over the summer and start to really play.

this one was almost ridiculously easy.  as the book says, it is a one pattern design – in the drape drape books, “one pattern” typically means one pattern piece, although in this instance there were two traced-off bits that were meant to be taped into one to achieve that effect.


having neither the interest nor the tracing paper to make two trace-offs, i used the shoulder seam as the fold line and got the desired “one pattern” piece.

what was particularly great about this design was that it has an amazing effect – the asymmetry, the huge batwing sleeve, the off-grain design enhanced by the vertical lace – for two seams.


seriously.  two seams, bam, done.  and then i hemmed the tunic and bound off the neck and armscye.


you can see how the drape of the batwing sleeves causes the vertical grain of the lace to shift – an effect i deliberately exaggerated by using such a huge vertical repeat.

another bonus was the stash aspect of this garment.  earlier in the year i went on several huge shopping expeditions with some of the new york-area bloggers.  i hadn’t realized this, but apparently i have become a bit notorious in the new york area for my massive grabs of fabric whenever we go shopping.  this was pointed out to me when i wore the top recently to meet heather and sallie oh and oona AND ginger immediately started making fun of me for, among other things, my massive fabric binges.  (nettie, however, was perfectly lovely except she threatened to kidnap the cat)

photo outside chic fabric from workroom social

it’s ok.  he has that effect on people.

i’ve said this before, i believe, but i love the drape drape books. i’m getting the sense that they are pretty love-hate.  but the designs are so much fun to play with, and once i recover from the cross-eyed headache i get from the actual tracing, the garments are so easy to assemble that they are perfect springboards for loads of fun experiments. i currently have three WIP drape drape garments that i modified to use, among other things:  alabama chanin handstitching techniques, semi-formal wear, and sheer burnout cammo.  they are also fabulous stash-busters for the knit inspiration i’ve had all year.  seriously.  this pile is, like, more than half gone already.


actually, the only thing still uncut from that pile is the gorgeous teal italian jersey. yum. i wonder what i’ll do with that?

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7 Responses to drape drape 3 #2 (one pattern drape dress)

  1. Clio says:

    Ooh! Great use of that fantastic lace! Yeah. I need to get on board with Drape Drape – I;ve loved everything you’ve posted from it.

  2. gingermakes says:

    Oooh, this is so fun! I love it on you! You’re totally right– the Drape Drape patterns work so well with so many different fabrics. Super cool!

  3. Trice says:

    It was super cool meeting you and the top was pretty awesome.

  4. Pretty pretty! I love lace but never know what to do with it. This looks great!

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