papercut circle top

20131228-155227.jpgso, this has been in various stages of progress for the better part of a year.  not completely sure why since it is a beautiful, easy make with loads of potential for excellent fabric choices.

20131228-155238.jpgit is also another piece inspired by what i call my “house collection” – i saw the missoni knit on one of my many trips to mood with some of the local ladies and snapped it up.  it’s like the missoni and the papercut were destined for each other and i was just delaying the inevitable by taking so long to finish it.

20131228-155248.jpgpapercut’s “circle top” is exactly that – quite literally a circle with two armholes in the middle of it.  i decided to make things slightly more difficult by using a renfrew sleeve (without checking the armscye circumference first – BAD MOVE) and also doing a little reverse applique a la alabama chanin.


really, my only issue was that the missoni knit is thick and lovely, which made finishing the edges slightly weird.  looking at the photos, you can barely tell that i finished the edges with a contrasting blue knit, because the thickness of the seams completely obscures it.


one other thing of note is that the shoulders don’t sit on the shoulder like a regular sweater.


what i mean by that is that the shoulder seam sits actually at the edge of where your shoulder meets the arm and not actually along your clavicle or whatever bone that is.  so it almost feels like the shoulder is dropped.  it feels slightly weird and takes some getting used to.


but not a bad make for finishing off the year, no?




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4 Responses to papercut circle top

  1. Gjeometry says:

    WOW!! I love this top/sweater/cape/hoodie. It’s so pretty how it drapes and the different styles you can wear it.

  2. Kat H says:

    Very cute! I love the fabric you used, great combo with the pattern. 🙂

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