pretty pretty princess, drape drape style



i had enough princess lace from clio to make two dresses for my future career as a reincarnated princess of a magical kingdom in outer space.



after having gone fairly traditional on the first go, i used the extra lace to continue exploring my way through the drape drape pattern books.  this number is #6 from drape drape 1.  original flavor drape drape, if you will.  the pattern is one enormous piece, asymmetrical in the extreme, with some complicated and (i daresay) very cool gathering in the exaggerated low back that completely complemented my desire to have a cool, gathered, bustle-inspired back on my princess dresses.


the asymmetry on this pattern comes from the fact that each side has a different system of tucks and gathers, causing the drape in the front and the bustle in the back.  many other reviewers i’ve seen have been displeased with the extreme low back, but i waded in with eyes wide open, making it in a sheer fabric with a complementary slip so that everything was a design feature.

i did temper the asymmetry in the hem just slightly.  mine is an even high-low hem instead of the wonky one envisioned by the pattern drafter.


i’m pretty happy with the fit, too, although people who actually have, you know, curves, instead of frontal flatness would be well-advised to go up a size.  the shoulder straps stay where they are meant to stay, and that is always awesome.  the hem required some shortening.

but this is definitely one of my top drape drape makes.  it, like most of my other attempts, admirable straddles the line between wearable and absurd.  now i just need the right accessories and i am good to go.

happy new year, all!  the second day of 2014 here in NYC dawns cold and snowy.  i am not yet sure what this year will hold for me.  i have a lot i would still like to do from the 2013 mood board, but feel ready for more complicated and wearable projects.  christmas week was spent eagerly tailoring a blue cashmere watson jacket that wants only its collar to be complete, and new year’s day saw the near completion of not one but two shortcut method chanel-style jackets.


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9 Responses to pretty pretty princess, drape drape style

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    Love this! I got Drape Drape 1 for Christmas and whipped up a muslin of No.3. Love this idea of lace. Brilliant!

    • puu says:

      thank you! i just felt like a fun way to combat the impracticality was to go for something that would require extra layers anyway…

  2. cjgal says:

    Very cool! The lace gives this even more intricate detail to marvel at, looks great on you!

  3. Clio says:

    LOVE the back! Yay princess power! OK, and you are making me feel like a complete underachiever in the last few weeks! I spent most of NYE day just making muslin welt pockets (the first one came out upsidedown, btw).

  4. Megan says:

    I love this! The idea of the lace with the slip works beautifully and the dress is just so pretty and unique but still totally wearable. Perfect for your new career!

  5. nettie says:

    You are the prettiest of Pretty Pretty Princesses!! Love Drape Drape projects!

  6. JillyBe says:

    Definitely princess-worthy results!

  7. megthegrand says:

    You are stunning. Seriously, this is such a glamorous dress, and I adore the back SO much 🙂 XOXO and well done, love!

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