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the road to crazytown, it is paved in silk scraps: patchwork pieced deer and doe datura blouse

the genesis of this specimen is from a very innocuous, friendly-seeming book helpfully titled “we love color.” “we love color.” well, so do i – what could be more harmless? and there i sat, innocently – remember, back before the … Continue reading

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chanel-inspired alabama chanin sweater

i’m back on pinterest in a big way recently. i had a fairly severe addiction over the summer, when it was the only cohesive way to bookmark garden designs and plant ideas while still keeping track of my garment sewing … Continue reading

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self-drafted skirt in alabama chanin applique

this piece was actually originally inspired by the same lookbook shot that gave birth to my deer and doe datura. but, as things do, it evolved – mostly when i looked at my datura next to the skirt and realized … Continue reading

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deer and doe datura in symposium and sheer

i’ve been obsessed with the idea of sheer yokes lately. something about it is playful and daring while still decorous – modest, if you will, although that is not a word i typically use. my initial inspiration for this piece … Continue reading

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pleated trousers!

PLEATED TROUSERS!!!! because, dammit, they deserve an exclamation point!! and my smug smile of smugness. obvi. because who wouldn’t be smug after completing her first pair of trousers and then fearlessly inserting a zip-front fly with a custom-length zipper the … Continue reading

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a snowy day here in siberia deserves a snuggly outfit: papercut patterns rigel bomber (refashion)

here’s the view from my window today. awesome, right?  according to the weather channel’s bizarre new method of naming storms, this is winter storm “maximus.”  i’ve noticed that while touting this new name whenever possible, the weather channel has declined … Continue reading

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