a snowy day here in siberia deserves a snuggly outfit: papercut patterns rigel bomber (refashion)

IMG_3996here’s the view from my window today.

awesome, right?  according to the weather channel’s bizarre new method of naming storms, this is winter storm “maximus.”  i’ve noticed that while touting this new name whenever possible, the weather channel has declined to provide any information that might actually be useful, like the expected duration or accumulation of this storm.  seriously, i watched for almost an hour this morning while deciding if i should risk the drive into work – i am a notoriously bad snow driver – and ended up being more confused than when i woke up and looked out the window and said, “huh.  snow.”


whatevs.  i stayed home.


this piece is actually a refashion of a cashmere cardigan i inherited when i cleaned out the closets in my dad’s house last year.  my mom was a cashmere fiend, and it seemed ridiculous to donate or trash the stacks of sweaters i discovered, all smelling clean and like the penhaglion soap she used in her drawers, just because they were a bit baggy, or  stretched, or too big, or whatever.

this lovely blue one, a cardigan with a zip front and a cute little camp collar, was a case in point.  i kept it in my stack of sweaters in a cedar chest in my upstate studio and waited for inspiration.  i saw immediately, once the new constellation collection came out, how easy it would be to modify the sweater so that its fit was a little more snug and the details more modern by converting it to a raglan sleeve and using the fabulous patchwork detail at the shoulders.

IMG_0232i did this by cutting out the sleeves and then re-cutting them according to the papercut pattern.

IMG_3974similarly, i de-constructed the cardi at its side seams, preserving the elastic hem for re-use, and recut the front and back pieces so they had raglan seamlines.  i cut carefully so as not to disrupt the collar, the welt pocket, or the zip front.  i was surprised to discover that a mere nip and tuck were all that was necessary on the side seams for the trimmer fit i was looking for, but i spent almost an hour rearranging the puzzle pieces of the raglan sleeve before i got it right.  i think this is because i kept getting confused as to which piece was which; i was using a sheer knit, which the pattern is not designed for, and it was very easy to accidentally stretch pieces to fit where they didn’t belong.

IMG_0227after decrypting the mystery of the sleeves, i just reassembled everything, re-threaded the elastic through the hem, and zig-zagged the side seams shut again.  admittedly, not the cleanest closure – i really should have pinned the casing closed and shut it with a fell stitch – but i was tired by then, and you can’t tell from the outside.


all there is is lacy goodness and a fun cardi.




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7 Responses to a snowy day here in siberia deserves a snuggly outfit: papercut patterns rigel bomber (refashion)

  1. Clio says:

    yay, cashmere – so warm and cosy on a day like today! There’s nothing like a luxurious wool to beat back the winter blahs! I stayed home too. There was already 3+ inches when I woke so, better you didn’t drive this way.

  2. megthegrand says:

    OOooooo yes! It looks so snuggly, and I love the color! Stay warm up there, my friend!!

  3. Christy says:

    I love this and never would have thought about refashioning for this pattern. I just made a Rigel myself, but I definitely think mine is more sports wear looking, not cute like yours

    • puu says:

      but what i think is awesome about this pattern is how versatile it is. i’ve seen some amazing “sporty” versions in cool fabrics and definitely plan to make one of those. the refashion was just a bizarre twist of inspiration that happened to work out – thanks!

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