self-drafted skirt in alabama chanin applique

this piece was actually originally inspired by the same lookbook shot that gave birth to my deer and doe datura.

but, as things do, it evolved – mostly when i looked at my datura next to the skirt and realized that the colors weren’t actually as compatible as i hoped. symposium, as it turns out, has a fair amount of blue.

1312676471768152go figure.

my next stop in styling was to consider my colette nutmeg cami. but we’ve already been over that.


so i had no choice but to buckle down and focus on the skirt. originally cut almost a year ago, it got stenciled about a month ago and then finished intermittently over the past several weeks – mostly during commercial breaks of CSI: Miami, which just proves that i’ll binge-watch almost any crime procedural if a network runs it on a weekday night when i need some background noise to keep the sewing smooth.


but seriously – hasn’t anyone in the CSI: universe realized that most of that detective work would be done by, you know, actual detectives? and the dialogue. shoot me now. in law & order we trust, is all i can say. at least jerry orbach was funny.

um, where was i?



for the applique, i decided to go for a source i’ve been debating for several months – the scrap box. it may be the hoarder in me, but i have a huge box of nearly-unusable scrap fragments. as part of this project, i separated out all of the silk remnants and got to work. the result is a hand-pieced, hand-appliqued sort of hybrid string quilt.

most of the pieces – especially in the rose petals and on the stem – i cut on the grain and then tore, so they are pretty much uniform.  the leaves are a free-for-all of silk scraps in several shades of green.  i left the edges raw because i thought that contributed to the look.  all the pieces are catchstitched with heavy DMC embroidery floss.  the side seams are exposed and also opened with a catch stitch.  the zipper is hand-picked and beaded and there is a ribbon stay instead of a waistband.


i used the alabama chanin rose placement stencil and, as a point of departure, the string applique technique discussed in alabama studio sewing + design.

this piece is definitely borderline – skirting the edge between awesome and crafty. but i really kind of love it. it’s a statement piece for sure.



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12 Responses to self-drafted skirt in alabama chanin applique

  1. piakdy says:

    But if you’re a New Yorker then you’ll definitely be able to carry this off. On other people it may be crafty. New York edge makes it awesome! Never believe Londoners trying to claim the throne. Bad London Evening Standard Bad Bad London Evening Standard (dissing New York fashion creativity recently).

    • puu says:

      lol, that is going to be my new rationale for every questionable fashion choice – i am a new yorker and therefore it is acceptable! 🙂

  2. David says:

    The applique is so original, you’re making a very nice statement on that skirt

  3. Megan says:

    I love the applique – such a unique way of doing it. The whole look of the skirt is awesome. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with a huge box of scraps. Bet mine is bigger!

  4. prttynpnk says:

    Ouch. I just hurt my hand trying to reach thru the monitor and steal this for myself. I blame you and Alabama.

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