simplicity 1873: from classy to cammo

it started, as it so often does, with a simple inspiration photo.

classy, right? with a welcome hint of playfulness?
so you might easily ask how one goes from this to this:


and the simple answer, of course, is that i got involved.


because, yes, that is cammo under the “bridal tulle” from the lace section at jo-ann.  how could i NOT go there when jo-ann had the brilliance to do a line of fabric called “cammo couture”?!?!


there was obviously no way to resist that.  the making of the piece is simple:  i took the skirt portion of simplicity 1873, a cynthia rowley pattern with a beautifully pleated skirt.  i especially liked the way the pattern was drafted, so the skirt is gorgeously full but falls beautifully.  there’s no crinoline under there, folks – no stunt double.  that is natural poufiness.  and it is awesome.

i’ve been experimenting a lot more with full skirts or other hip-emphasizing garments and i think it is because i am fairly stick-straight in the body topography department.  as with all body features, this has pluses and minuses, but i’ve been enjoying very much the contradiction in shapes from my top half to my bottom half.

in this particular instance, i like the way the tulle played against the sparkly cammo.  it gave it an almost three-dimensional effect depending on how the light is filtering through the tulle.  both fabrics are poly and frayed like the devil but fortunately i now have a serger and am able to fight back against those types of woes.

i ended up marking all of the pleats with a little snip within the seam allowance and then draping everything against my dress form to make sure the pleats were lined up and going in the right directions.  i hemmed as little as possible, coming up from the floor only enough to ensure that i had the same length for the entire circumference and then finished both layers with a serged rolled hem.


of course, after finishing this number and seeing erica b’s lovely post about tutus, i’m feeling an obsession coming on.  anyone else?  i love a tutu or a tulle skirt with something casual like a graphic t-shirt (in fact, i was mere inches away from going out and about on sunday in my tulle skirt and my han shot first dolman), like these pieces i saw in a valentino store in las vegas:

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9 Responses to simplicity 1873: from classy to cammo

  1. Laurie says:

    I keep on looking at that cammo section in JoAnns! Love what you did! Super cute outfit.

  2. Carolyn says:

    After seeing this in real life just let me say that this is inspired! It is a really cute skirt and you looked lovely in it!

  3. maddie says:

    Devra, it was so great meeting you yesterday. I hope we have many more fabric shopping meet ups in the future.

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