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mmmay day 30 – otome no policy

it’s friday and the devil in me could not resist a little stealth cosplay.  i mean, what do you think? ok, maybe i need to add a back bow.  but at least i had a little fun! so, true story:  … Continue reading

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NY-Lon2014: regarding meetups

i’ve been thinking a lot – perhaps too much – about the sewing community in the week since i have been back from ny-lon2014. because, really, it bears thinking about. you know what i mean: how is it that people … Continue reading

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me made may day 27: back to the salt mines

oi. work is hard. all that waking up…showering…feeding the cat…deciding what to wear…remembering to get my keys off the counter… …driving… …and driving… …and driving… i sometimes feel like i drive the longest 24 miles in existence, although today it … Continue reading

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back in the garden: grow write guild #23

About six years ago I fell down an entire flight of stairs on Election Day and hit every one on my way down. It took me ten minutes to get up again. And I feel like this injury is haunting … Continue reading

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NY-Lon 2014: what i wore

day one: straight off the plane, i got rid of my “han shot first” dolman and swapped it for my favorite jeans (finally copied using the jean-ius method, hoping to pattern test this weekend) and my mushroom liberty print strappy … Continue reading

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NY-Lon2014 in photos

guys, i am still in recovery from NY-Lon2014. seriously. i went to bed at 8:45pm last night and slept straight through until 7:30am. but – the inspiration, cheerfulness, support – that is what is truly overwhelming. while i gather my … Continue reading

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mmmay day 12: simplicity 1803, crop-top style and something abs-olutely horrifying

the trend of “crops” is, if you’ll pardon the pun, “cropping” up everywhere this year. but more on that in a minute. the evolution of this look started from the idea of a two-piece dress. it became increasingly clear from … Continue reading

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