me made may and hanging out with workroom social




i, devra of puu’s door of time, hereby endeavor to wear at least one me-made-garment for each work day of may, 2014.  i also endeavor to wear me-made garments (at least one per outfit) for the duration of my NY-LON trip between may 15 and may 20.


may 1, 2014 – datura blouse in liberty symposium, elizabeth & james black leggings, blue chanel ballet flats. and yeah, i actually did go out of the house with my hair looking like that.

so here’s the thing.  it’s my first official me-made-may.  i’ve never jumped in before, but as my handmade wardrobe has grown and changed and i’ve mixed up entirely new outfits and combos that i never could have imagined, i realized i wanted to focus a little bit on how i like to wear and style my DIY.

couple that with carolyn’s recent question about professional wear, and i had a few parameters.  and a caveat:  obviously, in a properly conservative work environment, most of my outfits would (at a minimum) get me sent straight to HR for a lecture on appropriately professional and feminine business attire.  and don’t get me wrong, i work for one of the largest REITs on the east coast.  but i’ve also been here for five years, and have demonstrated that i can dress like a grown up when i have to, so most people accept me as part of the scenery.  so here, then, is my documentation of how i style my outfits for a professional environment.

that, and i spent most of my weekends this time of year in the garden.  and i actually wear a bunch of me-made t-shirts while i do that.  but i think there is a limit to how many times my mom jeans, foul-weather boots and firefly t-shirt would be tolerated as fashion.


“we will rule over all this land! and we will call it….THIS LAND!”


but this week i am forsaking the garden for the WORKROOM SOCIAL POPUP PARTY!

because sewists absolutely throw the best parties. courtesy of workroom social.

will you be there??


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7 Responses to me made may and hanging out with workroom social

  1. Devra – can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! But we must behave, no more challenges! *LOL*

  2. I will be there! See you soon…

  3. Susan says:

    I WISH I was there, waaaah! Next time. Happy MMM!

  4. Angela says:

    Yay! I’ll be there!

  5. angela says:

    I so so wish I was there! Have a great time! Can’t wait to see your MMM!

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