mmmay the fourth be with you

success! almost a year later i did actually add a bias band to the back of my “we can do it” raglan frankenpattern. and i did it, i’ll have you know, while my ass was seriously still dragging after the workroom social pop-up party last night – which, of course, went longer than it was meant to (duh) and even longer after some late-night chowing down with some of the hot chicas i picked up at the party. 🙂 but there were cherry-vanilla ice cream floats, making it SO WORTH IT.


so happy sunday, and happy star wars day, and happy MMMay.  may the fourth be with you.


friday 3 may: 1930s blouse; alabama chanin skirt; thrifted army jacket; hermes scarf; combat boots (obvi). catholic schoolgirl gone wrong or strangely awesome? either way i can see the skirt-blouse-scarf combo being a repeat offender.



party time in my east village drag! kaylee’s strawberry t-shirt; vogue 1247 skirt; houndstooth stockings; thigh-high boots; vintage gloves; elizabeth & james blazer. worn for the workroom social popup party.



beverage selfie in honor of ginger.

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9 Responses to mmmay the fourth be with you

  1. O! Jolly! says:

    Devra! Whoa!So impressed with all the folks doing MMMay! Absolutely love your Vogue skirt and houndstooth stockings ensemble. Glad we got a chance to say hello at wrs party.

  2. You looked great at the party!! I was up way too late that night, but it was so fun!

    Working on my London clothes. I’m so bad at making stuff for myself to wear!

  3. betsy says:

    I was really impressed with your ensemble for the WRS Party. It was really nice to meet you! I wish I could join the fun in London, but maybe next time. Enjoy and take lots of pics!

  4. maddie says:

    How freaking awesome is your drag outfit! Love! I hope you had a great time at the Workroom Social event. I so wish I could have made it!

  5. oonaballoona says:

    you are so prettily punk, puu!!!

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