mmmay14 roundup! and TGIF!!

well, kids, it’s been quite a week over here in my neck of the woods. i do some minor event planning as part of my grown-up job and this week we had a doozy. i’m honestly relieved just to have survived.


burdastyle scrap skirt; stretch lace renfrew; black embroidered moto jacket; polka dot fishnets; fold-over booties

you can’t see it in this photo, but there are practically tears happening there over how much i got stressed out over my little, “low-key” event.


NL6001 in etro lace paired with a brown velvet embroidered jacket, brown fishnet stockings, and combat boots.


on wendesday, i forgot to snap a photo of my work outfit! which was just my V1247 mini. here’s my comfy chic for heading to brooklyn for a FMQ workshop at workroom social with nicole of boldgoods: sher-locked tee with 1940s simplicity skirt. and combat boots. because combat boots.  ALSO:  PROOF THAT I BRUSH MY HAIR.  sometimes.


me in the rain trying not to sob with relief that the event is over and everyone was happy with it! alabama chanin chanel-inspired sweater, with black pleated jason wu for target skirt and vintage chanel blazer.

and here it is, sweet friday. sweet raw, rainy, awful friday. and yet i feel nothing but joy. after a late-afternoon jaunt to my upstate studio, i hope to finish cutting a few things (my gabriola skirt pattern arrived! WOOT!), pinning a few things (my papercut patterns peter in the wolf pants WITH CORELLIAN BLOODSTRIPES), and prepping a few things (the quilting on my backless summer chanel jacket!). when the sun finally returns on sunday, i shall have a merry day in the garden catching up on two weeks’ worth of garden chores and design planning.  perhaps a late-spring fire in the fireplace and a slow, lazy sabbath evening.

maybe even some pride & prejudice.

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3 Responses to mmmay14 roundup! and TGIF!!

  1. maddie says:

    Looking good everyday 🙂 I hope you find some downtime this weekend! Enjoy and see you next week~

  2. Corellian bloodstripes sound like just the antidote to a stressful week!

  3. Trice says:

    You look lovely in these photos.
    It’s never really low-key is it. Last week I had to throw a last minute party. smh

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