NY-Lon 2014: what i wore

day one: straight off the plane, i got rid of my “han shot first” dolman and swapped it for my favorite jeans (finally copied using the jean-ius method, hoping to pattern test this weekend) and my mushroom liberty print strappy top. here is what i love best about this top: the first time i wore it, kenneth king said to me: “i can tell that you made it because it has a point of view.”

which always leads me to wonder, what is it we mean when we say that? how do we define it, express it, refine it, explain it?


day two: my cammo burnout drape drape 2 asymmetrical top. super-comfy for a long walk through kensington gardens, to hyde park, to oxford circus, and finally to grosvenor square for cream tea with my girl jen from workroom social. now someone explain to me, why do we not have cream tea here in the US?


day three: MEETUP DAY. friends, i had some outfit turmoil here. we literally had a fashion show in the flat, courtesy of me and my wretched indecision, complete with wardrobe change as everyone else was walking out the front door. in the end, i was comfy and chic in my drape drape 3 tunic and my simplicity 1873 cammo skirt. with combat boots, obviously. oh, if only my hair had behaved; i had dried it and brushed it all properly only to have it look flat and dull and shoved in a knot about 20 minutes down the old brompton road.


day four: for a chic brunch in the ultra-posh chelsea, i went for my split-front cami paired with my favorite papercut patterns pleated trousers. i actually got sunburned in this outfit. who ever heard of getting sunburned in london? but, no, it was 80-plus fahrenheit and quite quite sunny. the outfit was perfect for a day-long walk from battersea to blackfriars along the victoria embankment, plus a bonus stop at wagamama for mochi.


day five: a leisurely stroll through kew gardens demanded a propos attire, and i obliged with my papercut rite of spring shorts, refashioned out of old jeans and a scrap of ‘just cavalli’ denim, plus my go-to 1930s simplicity button-down top and a scarf (not pictured).


BONUS OUTFIT: farewell dinner in the up-and-coming shoreditch area warranted the full pretty-pretty-princess look. i went all in with my moon princess cambie and my denim cammo mccalls jacket.


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9 Responses to NY-Lon 2014: what i wore

  1. oonaballoona says:

    i LOVE this outfit wrap up!!! i think it’s harder deciding what to wear for fellow sewists than date night.

    and, um, you wore a tshirt with the word shot…through NY tsa….?

  2. CarmencitaB says:

    It was great to meet you and I loved everything you wore and I hope to do the same thing again soon.

  3. beebeesvintagedress says:

    I loved seeing the other London outfits! I forgot to tell you how much I adored that outfit for the meet up too. Hope you had a great trip it was so lovely to finally meet you! x

  4. angela says:

    Your trip sounds just wonderful! I love love your outfits too!

  5. piakdy says:

    Great travel wardrobe! Love the textures in your Meet Up outfit and really sorry not to see your Bonus outfit in real life. Fab!

    BTW, Brits mostly save the cream (and high) tea for tourists. You’ll more likely find the natives with a builder’s cuppa and a cheap McVites ‘biscuit’ (that’s cookies to Yankees) if they’re going for tea. But you’ll even more likely to find them down at the pub getting ‘pissed’ (as in drunk, not the other meanings!) 🙂

  6. So jealous that you got to do this! I totally know what you mean about wardrobe indecision to…I feel that way every time I go meet other sewists!

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