me made may day 27: back to the salt mines

work is hard.
all that waking up…showering…feeding the cat…deciding what to wear…remembering to get my keys off the counter…

…and driving…
…and driving…

i sometimes feel like i drive the longest 24 miles in existence, although today it took me only an hour. a good omen to the week? or not, considering the jerk in the pickup who cut me off at the intersection of 7th and 17th. i’m shaking my fist at you, jerk! or the dingbat in the prius who thought that 45mph was just dandy…on the new jersey turnpike. in the left lane.

scratch that. it’s 3pm and i’m on my third diet coke of the day already. if i were doing selfies-with-beverages for #mmmay14 it wouldn’t be the beautiful ginger’s benign blend in a sippy cup. not me. i go straight for the hard stuff.


which brings me to today’s outfit. boots were the word of the day – apparently i was feeling contrary now that we’ve skipped spring and gone straight to an 85*F summer – and for me that meant thigh-highs. and stockings, of course. otherwise my skirt would look too scandalously short. i love this dress and do not wear it often enough. i always have difficulties with cardi length because this dress hits me bang on at the natural waist.


monday sadface, much? or, more appropriately, my reaction to “it only tuesday.”

“Not only do Americans have most of Tuesday morning to contend with, but all of Tuesday afternoon and then Tuesday night,” National Labor Relations Board spokesman David Prynn said. “If our calculations are correct, there is a chance we are in effect closer to last weekend than the one coming up.”

what i’m loving here is the playful, girlish short skirt and white cardi with the hardness of the black boots. something unforgiving and kickass about the combo.  the belt and bangle add some extra hardware for emphasis.

i turned my closets over yesterday and felt overwhelmed by choice. apparently i sew a LOT of summer-appropriate things, and although i don’t usually restrict my garment choices by season i had a lot of forgotten favorites in the pile destined for closet repatriation.  will there be a purge?  too soon to say, although i have to admit to over-identifying with this post from k-line this morning…



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5 Responses to me made may day 27: back to the salt mines

  1. K-Line says:

    There’s something very unsettling about going from winter to summer in a weekend. I agree entirely. And I look forward to seeing where you go with the purge/non-purge. Just remember: You don’t have to do it all in a rush. I spent 3 weekends doing mine in 3 hr segments. And that was right for me. I’d also have been fine if it had taken longer – I was on a trajectory. Lord knows, these purges never really end. THey just go through phases.

    • puu says:

      i know, and i’m not a huge fan of the purge to begin with. why spend so much time getting rid of stuff i already have, when most of it is actually still useful to me?

  2. oonaballoona says:

    you don’t need a therapists, you just need a couple of sewists 😉
    (and maybe some gentle yoga)

  3. poppykettle says:

    Yeah, sewing summer stuff is always easier to do than winter stuff. Floaty fabrics, silks – and much faster to pull together than a coat! Looking good 🙂

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