mmmay day 30 – otome no policy


vogue 1247 skirt with 1930s simplicity blouse, scarf, combat boots and black bag.

it’s friday and the devil in me could not resist a little stealth cosplay.  i mean, what do you think?


ok, maybe i need to add a back bow.  but at least i had a little fun!


after-work dinner in brooklyn calls for comfy jeans, a leather jacket, and a little more stealth cosplay.

so, true story:  last night i had dinner in BK with a friend of mine i have known for 27 years, and we were expounding upon the conditions of life, as one does when you are two over-educated 30-somethings with a 20+ year history, and i was explaining to him about my habit of making things (which really just proves my point from the other day.  one of my best friends in the universe literally has no idea how much time i spend making things).  and he says, ‘oh, right, you model those on facebook!  did you make your outfit?’ and i said, ‘you haven’t noticed a single thing i’ve worn since we were five.’  and he said, ‘i notice when you model it for me on facebook!’


work was dull as anything this week.  i am so glad for the weekend.  i’m participating in a photography workshop at a local artists’ center in the hudson valley with a photographer i’ve long admired – and stolen techniques from.  i look forward to dazzling you all with better photographs in the future.


i had some fun with shoes this week – some high-heeled platform booties were the perfect complement to my vintage butterick 4919, while some kitten-heeled open toes were the icing on a great trouser outfit, of which i do not have enough.  (trouser outfits, that is)  i also realized that i want to make many, many more of these blouses out of my stash of liberty and shirting cottons.  and check those LEGS.  i swear, my legs have not looked this good since i was nineteen.

ninteen-year-old-me in my most treasured skirt that was too short to sit down in.

mmmay14 is nearly over and i’m really happy i took the plunge this year.  i think i’ve come to a few decisions about my wardrobe choices going forward, and i’ve also decided to spend some time with the ‘wardrobe architect‘ series of posts over at the coletterie.  i’ve already begun taking notes on some things i hope to share with you going forward.

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11 Responses to mmmay day 30 – otome no policy

  1. nettie says:

    So super cute!!! Especially the dress and booties!! I LOVE THEM!! Don’t tell me where you got them or they’ll end up in my closet, lol

  2. Rachel says:

    I completely agree with your idea to couple your findings from MMM14 with Colette’s wardrobe architect – great minds think alike!

    • puu says:

      it just seems like the right time to take stock, after literally seeing what got worn for the month, right? glad i am not the only one 🙂

  3. David says:

    Great outfits, favourite is number 1, very cool!

  4. Trice says:

    You are too cute

  5. Béa says:

    Oh my! The shoes! The shoes! They’re just FAB!

    I’m sorry- I know I should mention your lovely outfits, and your even more lovely legs, but the shoes just leaped out at me.

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