weekend studio: upstate edition

i should start off with this embarrassing stat – sewing done: 0.


on my dress form:  a modified simplicity 1610, with a stash linen from the late and lamented paron’s annex and some scraps of lizzy house catnap.  i’m loving these quilting cottons!  the designs are playful but not too cute, and the fabric has a beautiful hand that makes it feel richer than a quilting cotton – it even has some drape.

in the cut pile: a muppet-fur simplicity 2192; simplicity 2477 in pink cammo (because, me);   simplicity 1366 in pink and butterflies.

this weekend in stupid injuries:  fingernail, o – dead tree, 1.

things planted:  variegated irises inspired by my recent trip to kew gardens, and a crate full of japanese primroses because i love them along the streambed.

regarding that photography workshop:  the workshop was a two-day seminar/crash course in iPhone photography taught by one of the all-time digital/analog greats, dan burkholder.  i’ve used his techniques on my printing for years and was thrilled to learn about some of his process in person.  dan’s work is the type that basically makes me weep, because however technically adept i may be at certain things, i will never have the vision to use an iPhone to make this:

from dan burkholder’s book, iPhone artistry. Copyright 2012, Dan Burkholder

things you should check out if you have not already: 


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2 Responses to weekend studio: upstate edition

  1. gingermakes says:

    Busy weekend, dude! Can’t wait to spend next weekend with you!!!

  2. a) I’m going a cat show in September (I know, I know) and have already planned my dress with Lizzy House Catnap (I know x1000). Good to know it sews up well.
    b) Every time someone mentions Paron’s Annex, my heart heaves a disappointed sigh.
    c) Your irises look brilliant! I always your photography and gardening. (And sewing, yes.)
    d) I can’t believe I missed Melanie’s (jaw-dropping) wedding dress! I subscribe to Poppykettle and everything. I’m so glad you’ve included it in the roundup.

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