learning from wearing

so, MMM14 is over, and…
well, honestly, not much has changed for me.  i’ve worn me-made every day since the challenge ended without a second thought.

seriously. this is not a relieved return to RTW. turns out, i actually wear a huge portion of my makes. i like wearing them better than my RTW, and i love mixing them with my RTW for something wacky and unexpected.

i knew these things going in – so the surprises came from the actual combinations.

and i really have no respect for dress codes.
so now that i am done congratulating myself…what next?

what is next?  i think the obvious first step is to see what else i want to make.  i’m wearing, more or less, everything – with a few notable exceptions that have been singled out as the closets turn – but there are things i definitely gravitated to more easily.

my style has undeniably changed in the past six months or so.  expect some exploration of that idea.


i noticed an interest in volume (pouffed skirts with slim tops) and an aversion to most of my trousers.  do i maybe have too many dresses? (yes)  i enjoy the act of tailoring but i have a wonderful stable of RTW standbys that are nicer than anything i would make, so probably not a lot of blazer action will be happening here.  and you’ll notice no LFJs – they are all long-sleeved and/or long, but i missed being able to pull one on for instant chic as the weather heated up (also, two of them require a bit of repair.  sadface!!).  two summer variations are in the queue now, and i need a go-to casual-but-office-appropriate pair of trousers to go with for the quintessential jacket-tee-jeans look.

i like shorts more than i thought i did!  and button-down tops!  my most-worn-make was, without question, my previously under-appreciated 1930s simplicity top, and it apparently goes with everything in my life right now.  so more of those, for sure.

but let’s face it – my life is very binary.  i am either playing dress-up for work and the occasional outing, or i am home, in my PJs or mom jeans, doing chores.  so question for the summer:  would it be time well spent to play with lounging robes, vintage pajamas, homemade slips?  would it be fun to end that separation?


post MMM14 outfit incorporating me-made pieces: white suit (with shorts), red kitten heels, me-made halter top in liberty of london yoshi print.


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7 Responses to learning from wearing

  1. Barbara says:

    What are LFJ’s? A glossary would be great!
    The mixes look wonderful.

    • puu says:

      it’s funny you say that – i don’t consider myself a jargon person but you are totally right. an LFJ (little french jacket) is the more appropriate way to say “chanel knock-off cardigan” 🙂

  2. Clio says:

    I love where you are going fashion-wise. That said, I get a HUGE amount of wear out of the kimono robe I made myself – it probably edges out my leather jacket in the “most hours worn” me-made category, because I do lounge or putter in it for hours. So, making some lounge-ish garments that are not necessarily for public consumption can be very rewarding in a different way, especially if you make them in fabrics that you really love and feel soft and wonderful on.

  3. puu says:

    i think we’ve talked about this – it was your description of your lounging road that started me in this direction.

  4. Trice says:

    I love so many of these looks Puu. My vote us for slips and robes.

  5. gingermakes says:

    I vote for nice home clothes! I never wanted to spend time making them, but the few pieces I made recently I’ve found myself wearing constantly. I bet you would like having a few special things to wear around the house!

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