mid-week update

sewing done: hand-stitched waistband action! zipper pinned in place!  i am a machine, y’all!

on my dress form:  the FQ challenge has reclaimed some of my mental attention (and has now been postponed until august).  a lady-mary-inspired drape drape.

in the cut pile: chanel-inspired sewaholic saltspring; jean-ius copied jeans; drapey trousers.

things i ordered (like i didn’t have enough to do):  republique du chiffon pantalon jacques and robe georgina.

this week in stupid injuries:  dropped an entire (assembled) jaffa block set (full of sewing supplies) on my foot.  #winning

things planted:  none – alas.  but i did pick up some small starts of beloved summer vegetables:  mortgage lifter tomatoes, bourginon cucumbers, 5 kinds of melon.

things i am working on:  colette’s wardrobe architect; re-examining and re-styling old makes; separates and trousers; season 1 of the secret circle which is…weird.  i can see why it got cancelled.

also: me-made-everyday as i toil to make my photographs better.



things i am obsessed with right now: 

  • oona’s bombshell
  • netties in lace and sheer
  • a megan nielson cascade skirt in a stash valentino panel i have from mood
  • plans for a BHL victoria blazer for fall
  • nikita




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10 Responses to mid-week update

  1. oonaballoona says:

    i am obsessed with your last outfit, and the fact that we are inching ever closer to The Photograph Of Clarity…

  2. Oooooh. I second Oona. Unlike M, though, I demand (demand!) to know the origins of those trousers. I luff them, love them. I feel like you’ve mentioned it, and yet. . . .

    You generally look amazing, yes, but a Robe Georgina seems like an especially good idea.

    • puu says:

      let’s not encourage M, charlotte! 🙂 but although i wish i had made those trousers – and plan to make a pair inspired by them – those are the only part of my outfit NOT me-made. they were a consignment store find and bear the vaunted name “PRADA.”

      but a georgina for summer – what could be better, right?

      • But of course the world’s most perfect high-waisted cropped trousers are not only Prada, but found on consignment, and are thus probably from a few seasons back. Mope mope mope.

        A summer Georgina would solve everything, I think. I expect world peace shortly after you post your interpretation. No pressure.

  3. angela says:

    Is the RDC trouser pattern in English? I really want to make it. You have so much going on, how do you do it all?

    • puu says:

      it’s in french. my french used to be decent and now is pretty bottom-of-the-barrel so i am taking it on as a challenge with the help of my giant french-to-english dictionary gifted by a parisian friend.

      do it all? ha….if by “all” you mean spend a lot of time on my couch wishing i were doing stuff 😉

  4. piakdy says:

    Love your outfits. No. 2 is très chic!

  5. poppykettle says:

    Woo! Bring on the jacques pantalons! Totally loving your second outfit… slim black pants and the frenchie. Divine.

  6. I think every blog post of mine from here on out will be a list. Thanks for the inspiration!! 😉

  7. megthegrand says:

    Your last outfit is DIVINE!

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