simplicity 1610: the cat’s meow


IMG_0663so the arrival of summer weather – at long last here in the northeast US – demands a fresh summer dress.

and i, of course, obliged.

IMG_0657enter the magic blue envelopes of simplicity project runway patterns.  for me, a simplicity PR pattern is a go-to when i want something new that fits close enough out of the envelope that i do not have to stress or do extensive alterations.  as we used to say when i worked in congress – it’s close enough for government work!

IMG_0661i took 1 inch out of the bodice, front and back, to compensate for my short waist and small bust.  simplicity 1610 is, as most project runway patterns are, an armscye princess bodice.  i do not always love the armscye princess.  for some reason, HRH does not always play nicely with my sloper and the adjustments i need to make.  but in this instance i had another pattern, a TNT in the form of S1803, and i was able to compare pattern pieces and adjust accordingly without too much fuss.

IMG_0658while i had much love for the simple halter-top design of S1610, i knew i wanted a completely different skirt look.  i swapped out the included skirt for my self-drafted (with kenneth king and a skirt moulage) revision of my vintage classic simplicity 2099.  a few years ago i re-adjusted the skirt, making a newer, longer version with a high-low hem.  i do not care how many times you call it a mullet skirt or a passing trend, it will be a long time before i do not love how the long skirt back drapes gracefully behind me like a bustle or a train.  i always keep the front length just above the knee for comfort and style, and the back hem is usually 10 inches below the front.

IMG_0647i obviously cannot pretend that it fits perfectly.  if i had been more invested, i would have shortened the front crossover using the slapdash sewist SBA method.  but a safety pin was easier for yesterday, and i am happy with how the back fits, it is snug at the waist, and the length of the front bodice is pretty perfect.

IMG_5050the fabric is a faux linen from the late lamented paron’s annex, and the cummerbund and panels are from lizzy house.  kitty cats make me happy and it is my dress and nyah.

all edges and hems are topstitched in contrasting thread – don’t look at me like that, carolyn, it was a design choice – and i made bias tape out of the lizzy house to finish the crossover edges.


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19 Responses to simplicity 1610: the cat’s meow

  1. gayeproctor says:

    That is the cat’s meow!

  2. maddie says:

    You’re sure right, summer demands a summer dress, especially after this winter! Can’t get enough of the cat print!

  3. so cool – i love the cats!

  4. Clio says:

    Oooh, devvipuu! This is rather sexy for you! I love it!

  5. megthegrand says:

    Love the color and the delightful kitty fabric! MEOOOOOOW!

  6. Carolyn says:

    LOL! You knew what I was going to say and beat me to the punch BUT since it’s a design decision, I have no problems with your thread choices! 🙂

  7. Barbara says:

    The dress is great and being a cat lover, I LOVE the cat print. There’s something very retro about the design even though cats are always classic.
    What caught my attention is the painting/wallpaper(?) in the background. Tell us about that. It looks wonderful and magical. Maybe the cats from your dress came from there.

    • puu says:

      thank you! the wall paper is a mural i splurged on from anthropologie – because i felt the same way you do! i would love it if the cats in my dress lived in the magical world of my mural.

      • Barbara says:

        Thanks for posting the link. I love the way the wallpaper looks on your walls and will purchase some for myself. Now the question is, how do I find a wall big enough!!!

  8. Trice says:

    Omg, i love the kitty’s here. This a very lovely dress.

  9. This dress is great! I am still for the hi-lo hem. It really is just so dramatic and fun! And we can always straighten those hems out when we are tired of it. We are seamstresses! Roar!

  10. oonaballoona says:

    purrrrrrrty…i love that the animals of the forest are surrounding your kitty dress!! also, you are twelve feet tall.

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