me-made-everyday: style report


  • 1950s simplicity wrap top paired with midi-length RTW skirt
  • simplicity 1610
  • vogue 8425 high-waisted pencil with RTW t-shirt and fold-over boots.  yellow bag for emphasis! (casual friday FTW)
  • cynthia rowley butterfly top (hello, versace!) with alice + olivia pleated coulotte ( a la the megan nielson tania, which i fully intend to make but then i saw these on sale in the perfect color.)  blue blazer, vintage smoked glass necklace.  tights and thigh-high boots.  and yeah, i wore that to work.


like a lot of us, i’m always trying to really wear my makes.  how do you integrate some of your wilder aspirations into the every day?

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6 Responses to me-made-everyday: style report

  1. gingermakes says:

    Interesting question! I think, for me, although I love crazy prints, bright colors, and unusual shapes, the common denominator that runs through all my projects is that almost everything I make is pretty casual. It feels like everything is pretty wearable just because it’s not very dressy, even if it’s kind of out there. Does that make sense?

    From your pictures, even though the pairings aren’t super traditional and the prints in some circumstances aren’t, either, your shapes are pretty office-appropriate (maybe not for the most formal of offices, but for your line of work). These make sense as outfits and work together beautifully!

    • puu says:

      you know, ginger, i am not sure i ever looked at it from the “shape” perspective before, but i think you are right! another thing that helps me “get away with” my outfit pairings in the office is that everyone knows, because i spent a few years making sure i had a track record, that i can dress like a grown up on days when it is necessary and appropriate 🙂

      i like your thinking on casual as a common thread, too – if it all feels easy to wear because it is comfy and not too dressy, the actual prints don’t matter as much, do they? opens a wider palette. like for pink leopard skin! 🙂

  2. yaay – i am loving your me made everyday looks! i wear most of the stuff i make, but i do tend to sew prertty wearable things. in the summer i wear a lot of dresses and skirts, in the winter more knit dresses and heavier weight skirts. i found that the wardrobe architect project really helps me make sure what i make fits my style and is in the right kind of colour to match other things – no wardrobe orphans! it helps that i can wear pretty much what i want to work so don’t need super formal suits and the like.

    • puu says:

      i’ve still only completed worksheet one but it was an eye-opener to remember how recently i’ve embraced weirdness as a style! 🙂 i think even though a lot of my print choices are odd, at the end of the day, i look for a lot of dresses and skirts for that ease-of-of-wear factor as well…and since i’ve been sewing for a few years now, a lot of my wardrobe orphans have sort of acquired family from sheer volume of garments – that, and some unconventional print mixing. 😀

  3. oonaballoona says:

    hello thigh high friday.

    well, if it’s auditions, i’m trying to wear my crazyface prints/color on my bottom half (usually off camera) and a solid on the top. SNEAKY.

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